Molkki 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Sakshi complaints about Arjun to Purvi. Purvi tells her that Arjun is their lost hope and only he can win this case. Sakshi tells her that even if they pleads Arjun won’t take the case because he is that kind of person and asks her to forget him and they can find another Lawyer. Purvi asks her to give Arjun’s address because she also want to try once. Sakshi agrees with her but she knows that Arjun won’t take this case. Purvi tells her that she will give food to Virendra in Police station then she will meet Arjun.

After some time, Virendra praises the taste of food. She learns that food is salty and asks him that how can he eat it. She recalls that how she put salt twice and apologizes to him. He tells her that it’s not a problem because she made food for him and he don’t have much time in this world. She asks him to not talk like this and soon he will return home.

Next day, Purvi asks Juhi and Manas to wait in the car until she returns. They nods at her. She enters Arjun’s house and greets the servant and asks him about Arjun. He tells her that Arjun is in terrace and asks her to meet him there. She goes there and greets Arjun and tells him that she came to talk about Virendra’s case. He tells her that yesterday Virendra’s wife came and he won’t take this case.

She tells him that she will do whatever he asks her to do and he need not to worry about money too. He tells her that he don’t work for money but thrill matters for him. He asks her that what extend she can go to save Virendra. She tells him that she can go any extend. He tells her to jump from balcony to prove that, then only he will take this case.

On the other hand, Prakashi tells Sakshi that Virendra will go to Purvi if he came out then so the latter won’t get anything by helping Purvi. Sakshi tells her that she is not old Sakshi and the latter can’t manipulate her no matter what. She tells her that she wants Virendra and Kids to live with Purvi and leaves from there.

Purvi tells Arjun that she will jump and jumps. He tells her that he asked her to jump down. She tells him that he didn’t said that she need to jump down. He refuses to take her case. Kids sees Arjun with Purvi. Purvi takes Kids to home. Sakshi asks Purvi about Arjun’s decision.

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Purvi tells her that the latter was right about Arjun and informs her everything. Later, Kids goes to Arjun’s house. He gets surprised seeing them and thanks them for saving his life. They talks about Purvi and asks him to take Virendra’s case. They shows Purvi’s picture to him and pleads him to save Virendra.

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