Barrister Babu 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

The episode starts with Bonditta telling her witness will give witness and take complete responsibility but her identity will only be revealed to the judge. Public prosecutor tells he would like to ask some questions to the witness and thinks he will find out who is the real witness among all the girls. The lawyer tries to pressurise the witness. He asks her what kind of clothes was she wearing that night? Were her body parts visible or was she trying to attract Chandrachur towards herself? Lawyer asks the witness what position was she in when Anirudh came? Where was Chandrachur touching her?

Bonditta objects that the government lawyer is trying to scare her witness. Lawyer says he hasn’t even spoke the truth yet,he tells someone lost his life. Bonditta tells her witness to speak the truth without any fear as she is with her. Lawyer objects that she is pressurising the witness. Judge tells now the witness will have to answer Government lawyer. Lawyer keeps scaring the witness and tries to put his words her mouth. He doesn’t let her speak and twists her word to present the fight between Anirudh and Chandrachur as a fight between two men.

Government Lawyer tells the witness to answer what was her relationship with Chandrachur? Bonditta keeps trying to object. What is her relationship with Anirudh? The witness gets scared and tells she doesn’t want to tell any truth and she leaves from the court. Government Lawyer tells Bonditta your lawyer blew away like a dry leaf and now it would be better if you would leave the court.

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The Government lawyer tells Anirudh why do you think ladies can stand equal with men? He tells I have brought your wife to her knees in the first hearing itself and girls are more suited at home and bed only. Anirudh gets angry at him and tries to hit him. Bonditta tells Government lawyer is trying to twist the facts. Lawyer says the truth is infront of everyone now and so Aniruddh should be hanged.

Judge tells there will last hearing of this case on Vijayadashmi and if Bonditta cannot present any evidence Anirudh will be hanged on that day. Anirudh tells Bonditta she tried good and he asks her not to blame Tapur and not to bring her back in court. Anirudh tells Bonditta there might be some way and you have to find and win this case. Anirudh tells Bonditta she will find a new way to bring out the truth.

Bonditta tells even this time truth will win and she promises Anirudh she won’t stop ,she wont get tired and she won’t and she won’t accept defeat till she finds the evidence to save Anirudh. Som gives Bonditta the belongings of Chandrachur returned by police. Bonditta cannot find Chandrachur’s ring in the clothes which he never seperated from himself. The episode ends with Bonditta thinking if this is the evidence that will bring out the truth.

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