Balika Vadhu 2 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Maadi Baa praising kulfi, Premji says it will be nice as Anandi brought it. Kanku and Anandi try to leave silently but gets caught by Maadi Baa. She questions them. Anandi struggles to answer. Maadi Baa notices Anandi is not wearing Mangalsutra. She asks about it. Anandi tells about how she gave her necklace in exchange of smart phone for Kanku. Everyone gets shocked to hear it. Maadi Baa shouts and tells how could she give her Mangalsutra.

Sejal tries to calm Maadi Baa by saying that Anandi is child and doesn’t know difference between necklace and Mangalsutra. Maadi Baa tells her to explain it to Anandi. Anandi cries badly. Devali also starts scolding very badly. She asks Anandi if she wanted to create conflict between her daughter. Devali says how Kanku had asked her phone but she denied because she cannot spend so much money on money. Anandi says Kanku really needed the phone for her classes. She tells Kanku has to study online and her phone broke so she got a new one.

Khimji gets a call from someone who asks him that he needs to come back immediately for the deal of land. Khimji asks how can he suddenly do so. He feels helpless and has to return back. Premji also tells Anandi she is doing wrong. Sejal tries to stop him. Premji gets call for business deal and has to leave immediately too. Maadi Baa says Anandi need to be punished so that she learns from her mistake. She drags Anandi inside a dark storeroom. She tells Anandi to stay locked inside without any lights. Jigar feels bad for Anandi. Maadi Baa says no one will help Anandi at all. Devali takes advantage of situation and provokes Baa more.

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Maadi Baa locks the door from outside. Devali checks it and says gate is tight and locked too so now no one should open it. Maadi Baa strictly asks not to switch lights on. Anandi cries for help and tells she is feeling afraid. She keeps knocking the door but Maadi Baa asks everyone to leave. Maadi Baa talks to Krishna’s idol and says she knows he is feeling upset but she needs to teach Anandi a lesson for her mistake. Sejal tries to contact Premji but he doesn’t receive her call.

Jigar feels bad for Anandi and wonders how they can help her. Maadi Baa takes her phone and plays devotional song it. Khimji is going back to home while Ratan is shown waiting for Anandi. Anandi is locked up inside the room and feels helpless. She cries badly. The episode ends with Anandi inside the dark store room and no one helping her out.

Precap: Anandi packs her luggage and thinks no one is good at Premji’s house and leaves the house without telling anyone. Premji and Sejal comes to Anandi’s room and sees she aint there.

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