Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The Episode starts With Amrita saying that she wants to act like her Karan. Her mother tries to stop her but Pritam asks them to let her do it. Pammi shuts him. Mansour asks why can’t she act just because he’s not alive any more. Dadaji agrees with him and asks Amrita to continue. Amrita starts and warns them to not cry. Amrita enacts the bangle incident from their life. Everyone got emotional. Pritam looks at Karan’s picture. He recalls Dadaji’s words. Amrita finds the family emotional and asks them to clap hands for her. Pritam starts clapping followed by others.

Police gets arrest warrant for Pritam. Another police says that after checking Pritam’s call records its revealed that he’s in contact with drug mafia leader Rathi. They gets shocked upon learning it. Nimmo asks them to start the ritual. Guneet calls Chaddha and learns that he’s stuck with Dolly’s husband. They start the ritual. Nimmo does her baby shower ceremony. Mansour says Pritam that the ritual happening there Amrita’s present and not his past. They finds Police jeep entering But thinks its for someone else. Pritam gets shocked. They continue with the ritual when Police comes there. Mansour asks how could they enter a function just like that. They say that they are there to arrest Pritam Chaudhary on murder charges. Everyone gets shocked hearing it.

Mansour says Pritam is not such type of person and says that they would’ve misunderstood. Dadaji too supports Pritam but Police shows CCTV footage photo of Pritam. Soni recalls finding the photo and Beeji recalls the murder news. Pammi says that he’s there with them after killing someone. Dadaji asks Mansour if he’s a murderer but Mansour says no. Baljeet taunts him and Beeji asks if he was fooling them all this while. Pritam refuses and says that he went to the hotel but to meet someone else and didn’t murder anyone. Police shuts him and asks him to come with them. He is about to handcuff him but Mansour asks them not to as he will come with them. Inspector says they know their rules.

Inspector asks for Guneet and says that he has arrest warrant for him too. Everyone gets shocked hearing it. They try to handcuff him when everyone asks what’s Guneet’s fault in all this. He says that he provided house for rent for Pritam and has invited him for their function too. Amrita’s father says that he was invited out of courtesy and Kabir also says that Guneet won’t even speak much with Pritam.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Inspector denies listening anything. Pritam asks him to arrest him but let Guneet go. Mansour also says the same but Inspector doesn’t listen. Amrita gets furious and shouts at them to stop. She fights with Inspector that how can he arrest her father and asks him to let him go. Everyone finds her in furious condition and tried calming her. Police warns to arrest all the family members if they create issue. Amrita blames Pritam for spoiling her big day and landing them in trouble. Inspector takes Pritam and Guneet away.

Precap :

Police enquires Pritam and suddenly they come back to Sakhujas with Pritam and Guneet. Everyone gets confused.

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