Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Milind and Nupur asks kids to come one by one. Chikoo sends everyone to them. Milind takes everyone outside. Nupur asks Chikoo to hold her hand. Chikoo fell back and trapped in fire. Nupur calls Milind to save her. Milind saves Chikoo and brings her out and He faints. Rangoli notices everything. Nupur shouts Milind and she rushed him to hospital and asks Doctor what happened to him. Doctor says smoke got filled inside and he got choked so he needs treatment soon, else he will die. Nupur gets shocked and Doctor starts their treatment.

Chikoo comes to Nupur and says I will pray for him and you too pray to Bappa and he will definitely cure Milind uncle. Nupur hugs her and cries. Police comes to enquire the kids. Rangoli feels worried. Savitri rushes to hospital in tears and she confronts Nupur if she wanted to snatch her son too like she snatched Payal.

Reema informs to everything to police and they asks why kids in other way. Tanki explains to Reema and Police that it’s part of their performance. Reema questions Chikoo how she got key. Savitri says Milind always gets hurt because of you. Nupur says nothing will happen to Milind. Savitri says I won’t let your shadow fall on my son and you dont have any place in our house and she throws Nupur. Sulab says he saw Chikoo going towards keys. Reema says it’s visible that you stealed key and is it you the reason of this fire mishappening and what are you doing in meter room? Chikoo says I tried to save my friends from Bhooth bunglow and I’m not reason of the fire mishappening. Reema says so you acted like you changed and what you’re doing in meter room.

Savitri tells to Nupur that they don’t have any relationship with her as she is breaking all ties between them and she warns Nupur to stay away from Milind. Nupur remembers Chikoo words to pray to Bappa. Inspector says Chikoo must stay in Juvenile home as she is reason for this crime. Nupur in tears prays to Bappa to save Milind. Reema signs some papers. Chikoo comes to Bappa and tells him that I agrees my crimes infront of them but didn’t tell them that I did everything because of Mummy as they may arrest Mummy and why she needs to get punished for my mistake and I didn’t know how the fire errupts and so forgive me for telling the half truth and take care of my Mummy and please save Milind uncle. Nupur listens her words and prays to Bappa to listen to Chikoo prayers.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Savitri asks Bappa to save her son. Nurse informs to Savitri that Milind is out of danger and you can meet him. Nupur feels happy. Savitri and Nupur rushes to meet him. Savitri stops Nupur to meet him saying she is danger to her son. Nupur says she can’t stop her from meeting her husband. Savitri says you’re not his wife. Nupur request her to allow her to meet him. Savitri says it’s last time and prove that you care for him by doing what I said. Nupur agrees than Savitri asks her to sign the divorce papers to meet Milind for one last time. Nupur denies to sign divorce papers than Savitri says I won’t let you meet Milind and their is no place for you in Joshi’s family.


Nupur request Savitri to allow Chikoo to stay with them as her life gets ruined if police takes her. Kamini asks her to sign divorce papers to let Chikoo stay with them.

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