Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 5th October 2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Esha searches her cupboard and takes the photo album which is filled with full of Raghav and her pictures and smiles at those. She then recalls Raghav asks Esha how she can marry without him and what about their love and their happy ending. Esha tells Raghav that he may dream all he want but he can’t become a rich person. She also tells that he can’t make her happy because he don’t have any money but the person who she married right now has a house, car and money everything she wants. Raghav asks Esha to give him some time and he will fulfill all her dreams but Esha refuses to listen to Raghav’s pleadings and tell him he can’t do anything.

Raghav slaps Esha angrily. Esha says to herself that she don’t know how Raghav is going to react seeing her again. She lied that day but she never thought that will bring her here. Mr.Dasari calls Esha and tells her that he is waiting outside her house and asks her to come so that they can go to the meeting. Esha says okay. She then asks God to give her strength to meet Raghav as a strong person. Sunny asks Keerti why Raghav called everyone in the living room and says maybe he is going to double everyone’s salary after learning he is going to be a uncle. Raghav comes there and tells everyone that he consider everyone as his family so before he could take a decision he wants to inform them about it. He then goes and hugs Keerti and tells her that he may not be able to see her son/daughter when they grow up.

Keerti and Sunny gets confused. Sunny asks Raghav is he going to leave this house. Pallavi enters the house and gets shocked seeing everyone present in the living room. Raghav goes to Pallavi and tells her to say what kind of illness he has infront of everyone. Pallavi tells Raghav that she can’t tell this infront of everyone. But Raghav asks her why not. Pallavi goes to the dining room and asks Raghav to come who goes

Pallavi tells Raghav that due to his excessive drinking habit he has fertility issues and he can never become a father. Raghav gets shocked and tells Pallavi what kind of nonsense is this. Pallavi tells Raghav that whatever she told him is true and tells him that from now on she won’t stop him from drinking and gives him a bottle of wine but Raghav refuses to take it and leaves the room. Pallavi laughs and tells herself that she has to do this all to make Raghav realise about what else he will lose if he keeps drinking.

Farhad asks Raghav what happened. Raghav tells Farhad that he can’t become a father. Farhad gets shocked and calls that as nonsense and tells Raghav that he can talk to his family doctor about this. Raghav says that it’s a good idea he will talk to Raghav about this. Pallavi says to the doctor on the call to make Raghav realise that she needs to lie to him like this and asks the doctor to not to answer Raghav’s calls. Raghav enters the room so Pallavi cuts the call saying she will talk to him later. Keerti comes there and asks Pallavi about the book which has baby names. Pallavi says to Keerti that means she wants to have this baby. Keerti says yes and thanks Pallavi. Pallavi tells Keerti that she is happy because of this baby their relationship becomes like before when they used to be friends.

Pallavi then goes to take the boom from the cupboard meanwhile Keerti asks Raghav to think about start having a family. Raghav gets uncomfortable. Pallavi smiles and comes out of the room with the book which Keerti asked her Keerti tells Pallavi that she is asking Raghav to think about starting a family. Pallavi acts and tells it’s all in God’s hand only. Keerti gets confused and asks her what is she saying. Raghav says to Keerti its nothing also before Keerti gives birth to the child he will have his own eight to nine kids and leaves the place. Pallavi laughs hard. Keerti asks Pallavinwhats happening to which Pallavi says nothing and asks her not to worry. Keerti leaves the place. Pallavi tells this is what happens when a husband doesn’t listen to his wife’s words and smirks.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Raghav calls the doctor continuously but he doesn’t answer his call. Farhad comes there. Raghav tells Farhad that doctor isn’t answering the calls so asks to bring him alternative number from Pallavi. Farhad tells Raghav that Pallavi went to the boutique also they have a meeting with Mr.Dasari who is going to bring his Vastu expert who is also his chief jewelry designer. Raghav asks her name but Farhad tells he doesn’t know. Raghav tells that he has a effect on girls so she will definitely agree to his words and asks Farhad to get doctors alternative number because he wants to talk to him after the meeting. Keerti tells Farhad that she will help to arrange for Raghav’s meeting to Farhad. Mr.Dasari asks Eshha why she is nervous. Esha tells that she heard lot about Raghav so she is nervous. Then Mr.Dasari accidentally spills the coffee on Esha so they goes to the market to find another cloth. Esha tells Mr.Dasari that here all are a saree shop and saree isn’t suitable for meeting.

Pallavi comes there and tells that Saree is suitable for every occasion which impresses Esha so she agrees to wear saree for the meeting.. Esha gets confused choosing a saree so when Pallavi asks her is this meeting is important to her Eshha tella yes because she is going to meet someone important after a long time so Pallavi gives the saree and tells Esha that her husband loves this saree so she is sure her special someone will like her in this. Esha tells Pallavi there is no special one in her life and then when Pallavi wishes her good luck for her meeting Esha tells Pallavi that she don’t need because her life has been change a lot a long time back. Pallavi gets confused and looks at Esha.

Precap: Esha asks Pallavi what is she doing here. Pallavi tells Esha that it’s her house and who she is coming to meet is Raghav who is her husband and she is Mrs.Pallavi Raghav Rao. Esha gets shocked. Farhad tells Raghav is coming here. Raghav talks to someone on the call then gets shocked seeing Esha there. Esha drops the plate from her hand seeing Raghav’s anger.

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