Pandya Store 5th October 2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Rishita checking the clothes gifted by her mom. She calls Raavi and Dhara and take the dress they like. Rishita goes to get the sweets given by her mom. Raavi and Dhara get worried as Suman has the sweets. Suman is feeding that sweets to dog. Rishita gets shocked on seeing this. She cries and says to that Suman that she’s doing very wrong. Suman says that krish helped Keerti by dropping her at home and in return Janardan beat him up. Rishita says that the sugar free sweets was given for her and she should let her decide what to do with these. Suman says that she’s feeding it to dogs which is a good act and it’s said that will help to solve all the problem in her sons life. Rishita cties. Dhara and Raavi see this. Rishita leaves.

Shiva and Shivani exchange rings. Raavi comes there and shouts stop. Raavi says that Shiva is hers. Shivani also says the same. They both argue and drag Shiva holding his arms. Pandya family supports Raavi. Shiva shouts that she’s only Raavi’s and wakes up from the sleep panting. Dev comes to his room and sees Rishita sleeping. He apologizes to Rishita for not getting the respect she deserves from Suman. He tries to do good, but it goes wrong and assures not to give any trouble to her. He noticess that her foot got injured by returning home by walk. He cares for her and applies ointment on her foot. Rishita wakes up and sees this. She gets happy and pretends to sleep. Dev covers Rishita with the quilt.

Shiva comes to the Hall and sees Raavi sleeping. Tujhko banalu main apna khuda hu plays in the BG. Shiva recalls his moments with Raavi. He sees that Raavi is falling from the bed. He thinks that he told her multiple times to sleep in the room, but she doesn’t understand. He goes to Raavi and moves her in the middle of the bed and covers her with the quilt. Raavi wakes and gets shocked. Shiva covers her mouth before she could shout and threatens to tell Suman about 10 lakhs she demanded, if she shouts.

Pandya Store 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Raavi calms down. Shiva asks her to come and sleep in the room. Raavi refuses. Shiva lifts her in his arms and takes her to his room. Krish wakes up from the sleep and sees someone taking Raavi in the arms. He can’t see the person due to the darkness. He shouts and family comes down stairs. Family asks what happened. Krish says that Raavi got kidnapped and asks to call police, then Shiva. Rishita says that he must have seen any dream. Krish refuses and says that a dark shadow took Raavi away. He then says that it must be Janardan. He kidnapped Raavi to take revenge on them. Rishita defends her dad and shows the main the closed main door to Krish and says that her dad and Raavi aren’t ghost to disappear from the closed door.

Raavi gets worried what family will think if they see them like this. She blames Shiva and argues with Shiva. Raavi says that what people will think if they found a young boy and girl who don’t know what their relationship is in the same room in the night. Krish says that shadow took Raavi towards Shiva’s room. Family comes to Shiva’s room to check. Shiva and Raavi hide under the bed. Krish says that maybe even Shiva got kidnapped. Dev asks Rishita that she was defending her dad, where Shiva is. Rishita says that Krish told that he saw a black shadow, not her dad. Whatever happened in this house, her dad gets blamed for that. Dhara stops them fighting and says that they have to fight Shiva and Raavi instead of fighting. Gautam says that this room window is closed, so no one can enter through it. They go to check the kitchen window. Raavi gets scared on seeing a lizard. Shiva
closes her mouth before she can shout. Raavi signs the lizard and gets close to Shiva. Family is searching Shiva and Raavi. Krish suggests going to Janardan’s house. Dev supports Krish. Rishita reminds Krish that he told he saw a black shadow. Krish says that her dad’s heart is also black. Rishita suddenly notices Raavi’s shawl coming out of the bed. She goes to Shiva’s room and looks under the bed. She gets shocked on finding Shiva and Raavi.


Pandya family organized for a puja. Dhara asks Raavi to put Vermilion on her maan. Raavi looks at Shiva.

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