Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Nupur feels worried for Milind than she hears Chikoo shouts and notices someone is taking her. Nupur asks where are they taking her. Reema says they are taking her to the place she deserved. Nupur says Chikoo can never change iif we sent her to juvenile home. Reema says Chikoo will never change and she burner the orphanage of kids so I won’t help her and her friends. Nupur says it’s fine if you won’t keep them than send them to place where they can get love to change themselves. Reema asks tell me which family will accept Chikoo? Will you accept to keep at her your place. Nupur thinks about Savitri words.

Chikoo escapes from car. Guards informs to Reema that Chikoo is missing. Nupur thinks Chikoo is done it because of her Mummy and she says she knows where Chikoo went and she asks Reema to take back her complaints and tells her that she will take Chikoo to their place by managing her family members. Reema agrees.

Chikoo comes to Rangoli place but Rangoli won’t allow her to her place saying you did mistake by burning the orphanage and risked the life of kids so leave from this basti and go to your place dustbin as it’s correct for you. Chikoo pleads her asking where she can go. Rangoli throws her luggage and asks her to leave to dustbin as she don’t deserve love. Chikoo leaves in tears reminscing her moments with Rangoli and kids.

Inner self of Rangoli says you did correct by blaming Chikoo but realise that you do everything for you. Rangoli says I know that I’m favourite to myself and I can’t leave my dreams for anyone. Inner self says this is real you and you don’t have any love left in you for others and she vanishes.

Chikoo cries badly sitting near dustbin. Nupur comes to her. Chikoo asks how she knows about her place every time and do you really know the magic. Nupur asks Chikoo to come with her. Chikoo goes with Nupur.

Nupur request Savitri to allow Chikoo to stay with them for sometime as help. Savitri says I breaked the relationship with you than why you’re requesting for another kid. Kamini says it’s not orphanage to allow her here and why can’t she stay in orphanage and why police are with her? Nupur says she is accused for burning orphany but those are just accusations. Kamini says they won’t let criminals to stay at their place and her Mom is the one who threatened us.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Nupur request them to think for Chikoo future and I feel if we help this kid than our Payal will get the help when she needed. Savitri says she won’t allow Chikoo at their place. Police about to take Chikoo with them. Nupur tells them she can do anything and request Savitri to allow Chikoo at their place. Kamini asks her to sign the divorce papers to allow Chikoo to stay in their place. Nupur agrees to sign papers. Savitri says you proved how much you care and remember that you and that kid must leave from here post one month.

Next day Savitri asks worker to place Rangoli infront of their house to welcome Milind. Kids makes worker drop the colour. Chikoo and Nupur comes to home. Savitri says it’s inauspicious and she warns Chikoo to not create any problems for them in their place. Nupur sends Chikoo inside. Chikoo goes inside leaving her footsteps. Nupur says every Dasara you do Kanyapooja to kids and Chikoo is also kid and entered to our place on the first day of Dusshera.


Kamini scolds Nupur for trying to make her kids do friendship with Chikoo. Savitri tells to Nupur that she is their guest for one day.

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