Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Virat saying what should he do, should he suicide. Palkhi worries about him. Ashwini stops him and ask him not to say something like this again instead go and look for Sai and tell her about his feelings. Angry Virat lashes out about how Sai treated him and thinks about him.

Virat tries to justify himself and tells them few incidents about how Sai treated him badly. He points to Sunny and tells him that why he is silent now, only he praises Sai all the time. Why can’t he say something infront of everyone. Sunny tells that it’s misunderstanding that had happened between the two. Virat says no it’s nothing like that mistake always happens with two people. Samrat ask him to stop saying that it doesn’t matter whether Sai leaves him. Virat says she wants to stand independent and then she will this house and might be today is that day.

Doctors are observing Sai in the hospital. Samrat ask Virat whether he is coming with him to find Sai. Virat saysvthat he have more important works to do and leaves from there. Samrat gets a call from Pulkit, Samrat ask him whether it’s everything fine with Sai he says nothing is good with Sai. Ashwini worries and ask Samrat what had happened. Pulkit informs him that he had talked to doctor Sai condition is very critical she had brain injury and needs surgery which is very critical. Pulkit says that he doesn’t want to talk with anyone else in the house and ask them to inform.

Samrat tells to them that they got information on Sai, Shiwani taunts him that again Pulkit is taking Sai side. Samrat says no body is taking Sai side she had met with an accident and has been admitted in the hospital. Everyone is shocks after hearing the news. Devi says that she knew when Virat and Sai goes away from each other something happens to them. Palkhi says what she is talking. Shivani supports Devi that she is right, Samrat tells that she now they should go to see Sai but not everyone. Ashwini says that she also wants to go, Samrat tells him that she will come later.

Samrat says that he will be informing Virat, Devi ask to take her also to the hospital. Virat comes to police station. He said why they have stopped his transfer letter. He tells that Sai came here and asked them to cancel the transfer letter. He tells that he wants to go and if they will not give a professional reason they will take some action against them. Samrat reaches the hospital, nurse ask about patience husband and needs his signature for the surgery which is very important.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Virat boss tells him that Sai informed them that his mental health is not good that’s why they stopped his transfer. He ask them to keep his professional and personal life seperate and again requested for the transfer. Meanwhile he gets a call from Samrat, saying that if he is not busy in his duty then come to Sai she needs him. The doctors are asking for him to sign as she needs a surgery to be done as soon as possible. Virat is shocked.


Virat reaches the hospital. Ashwini tells him not to go away from Sai othwise something bad happens. Virat tells Pakhi to pray for Sai and puts head on her hand, Samrat sees them.

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