Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode strats with Bhavani blames everything for Sayi. She tells to Samrat that Sayi always had a problem with Patrlekha. Ashwini tells her now what’s the use of complaining about Sayi. She tells that everyone must be happy as Sayi will never come back to this house. Ashwini cries, Samrat consoles her.

Shivani takes stand for Sayi she tells to everyone let’s sit and discuss on Sayi mistakes, the first mistake she had done was trying to keep everyone happy, her second mistake was she bought harmonium for her father-in-law from her college money. Next she stopped Virat transfer so that Virat can live with his family. Then next she did patch up between Virat and Samrat and lastly she bought back Samrat so that he could stay with his family.

Ashwini still scolds Shivani, she tells her that when she hears truth she starts over reacting. Ashwini tells that Shivani always supports Sayi. Shavani tells to her yes she had understood Saui that’s why. Virat interrupts them and says yes Sayi is alwys right, due to her we never had any problem in our house. Shiwani ask Virat to count Sayi mistake.

Ashwini shows concern for Sayi. Pulkit ask to doctor about Sayi health condition. Doctor tells him that she is not in a good condition. Ashwini ask Virat to bring sweets and celebrate as Sayi had gone. Samrat explains to Ashwini that they will go and look for Sayi.

Virat tells to everyone that Sayi never wanted to stay in this house. She doesn’t look at the efforts he was taking for her. He says that Sayi doesn’t want to live her life with him. Samrat claims that by doing nothing Virat is responsible for her departure. He tells that Sayi is the sole reason he came back to this house. He says if he cannot bring her back then that will not allow his self respect to stay in this house.

Sayi is going through surgery. All her college mate is waiting for her. Patrlekha tells to Samrat that he remembers he have a wife, he had insulted her by supporting Sayi. Samrat tells that Sayi is responsible for their closeness. Bhavani tells that nobody told her to leave the house, if ahe wishes to do then how could we stop her. Samrat tells to Virat why he was not happy with Sayi. Virat regrets talking about Sayi and tries to leave. Samrat doubts Virat and says is Patrlekha is the reason why he didn’t bother about Sayi and there is nothing to hide. Virat stops Samrat and tells him not to misunderstand him.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Virat explains Samrat that he donot have any feelings for Pakhi now and how many times he have to explain this to the family. He tells him that how can he tell that what feelings he have for Sayi. Shivani tells to Samrat that he is changed now. Ashwini shouts and says that what could Virat had done to stop Sayi. Virat feels helpless and shouts at Samrat that should he do suicide.


Shivani tells to Ashwini that Virat and Sayi should always stay together. Samrat calls Virat and informs him that the doctor needs his signature for Sayi surgery, she is on a death bed.

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