Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Shobhit worrying about Rajvi and says that they have to find her. Vipul says that Police is trying their best to find Rajvi. Meanwhile, Darsh states that they can’t rely only on police and have to search for Rajvi by their own. Vipul again doubts on Toral, while Darsh confronts him and ask his reason. He questions if Vipul is hiding anything from them? To which Keshav handles the situation and says there is nothing to hide. Shobhit gets a call from police asking them to bring Toral so that they can interrogate her.

Here, Charmi smirks and then acts to be in pain. She requests Shobhit to drop her to the room, while he takes her there. Later, Darsh questions the guard while he says that he have seen a women along with Rajvi but couldn’t able to see her face. Darsh found an alcohol bottle on the guard’s bag and scolds him. He says that he can’t trust him, whereas Charmi hears there conversation hiding behind and smiles as she got saved.

Vini becomes sad, while Chetan comes there and lies to her that Rajvi is fine. She gets happy and goes away from there. Parul also gets happy seeing Vini’s smile. Whereas, Chetan tells that Vini have already suffered a lot in her life and that is why he lied to her about Rajvi. He apprises Parul about the matter, to which she says that she think there is some deep connection of Toral with their house. Chetan ask her not to talk about Toral and advice her to pray for Rajvi.

Elsewhere, Charmi smirks thinking about Rajvi. She says that soon Rajvi will die being locked inside the room and she will be able to get Darsh back. At that time Nandini comes there along with a lady doctor in disguise. Nandini lies that the lady gives massage and insists Charmi to take it as she seems to be stressed. Charmi agrees, while the lady starts massaging her. Soon, Charmi falls asleep whereas the lady takes her phone away.

The lady doctor tells Nandini and Bansuri that Charmi is not pregnant. She also shows her gratitude towards Nandini for helping her and says that she can find out that when Charmi lost her baby. At that time Darsh also comes there, while Nandini says that she have told him about the matter. She remembers the flashback when she informed him about Charmi’s love for him. He gets anxious and wants to confront Charmi but Nandini stops him and tells about the plan.

Ahead, Charmi wakes up late at night and feels afraid. Nandini disguise herself as a ghost and goes to scare Charmi. Meanwhile, latter sees Gunjan’s jewellery and gets afraid, but soon comforts herself. She moves out of her room and decides to check on Rajvi. She worries that what if Rawals gets to know about her deeds.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Nandini calls Darsh and follows Charmi. She says that by keeping an eye on Charmi, they can get to know where she have kept Rajvi. Darsh agrees with her and cuts the call. Nandini keeps following Charmi, while latter gets inside the room where she have kept Rajvi.

Further, Charmi gets relieved seeing Rajvi on her place. She turns and feels Gunjan’s presence. She scolds herself and ask to stop thinking about Gunjan. Meanwhile, Nandini keeps trying to scare her. Charmi hides behind the table and keeps an eye on the ghost. She concludes that someone is trying to scare her and decides to confront it.

Precap:- Charmi gets scared seeing the doors getting locked and ghost disappearing from her sight. She thinks about Gunjan and moves away from there. She sees a shadow and holds the person confronting her.

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