Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Nandini getting worried for Rajvi. She says that there is some connection of Toral with the Rawals and if that comes out, the family will get shattered. She becomes tensed and prays to god for Rajvi’s safety. At that time Darsh comes there and consoles her. He says that police will soon find her and ask her to have faith in God. He calls the Inspector asking about Rajvi and tells them to find her fast. Meanwhile, Nandini thinks that she can’t tell about Charmi’s truth to Darsh.

Here, Vipul gets tensed for Rajvi. He doubts Toral and says that she must have hided Rajvi somewhere. He becomes anxious, while Chetan tries to calm him down. He ask Vipul that they can’t blame Toral without any proofs and says that police will surely find Rajvi.

Vipul stays adamant on his statement and they ask security guard about Rajvi, while he replies that he have seen a women with Rajvi. He states that he can’t able to see the face of that women. Whereas, Vini gets afraid hearing about Rajvi. Parul tries to calm her and diverts her mind. She tells her what all things used to be there in past and is not available now. She shows her a video of train in early days.

Elsewhere, Toral keeps talking to herself. Vipul keeps an eye on her, while she looses her control after hearing train’s sound. Everyone tries to control her, while she acts like a mad and gets inside Parul’s room. Vipul and Jhilmil somehow holds her and brings her down. She was about to slip on the stairs but Darsh and Shobhit saves her.

Vipul keeps blaming Toral for Rajvi’s missing, while Charmi smirks and supports him. Parul denies the allegations and Nandini also supports Toral. She says that Toral isn’t in a state to do anything, whereas Vipul scolds her. Darsh takes stand for Nandini and says that they can’t blame her all the time. He ask them to keep looking for Rajvi inside the house.

Ahead, a recording gets played by Parul and they hears Rajvi’s voice. She was asking someone to leave her, while everyone gets shocked hearing it. Charmi gets nervous, while Nandini becomes suspicious thinking that Rajvi was talking about Charmi. She prays to god for giving some clues to her.

Rawals keep searching for Rajvi. Whereas, Bansuri gets Rawals jewelleries from Gunjan’s bag and later calls Nandini asking her to meet immediately. Meanwhile, Toral gets inside a closed room and stares at the wall. Vini follows her and says that no one comes here, she runs away from there. Nandini finds a MRI report of Charmi and think that they don’t perform MRI during pregnancy.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Further, Nandini meets Bansuri and latter shows the recording box of Gunjan to Nandini. She plays the recording where Charmi was confessing her love for Darsh. Both of them gets shocked, while Nandini confirms that Charmi have intentionally killed Gunjan. She decides to expose her, while Bansuri says that she will help Nandini.

Precap:- Darsh gets shocked learning that Charmi is interested in him. He says that he won’t let her destroy his brother’s life, while Nandini stops him and says that she doubts Charmi for hiding Rajvi also. She tells him that they have to smartly handle the situation.

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