Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Rani gets emotional after hearing Rajeshwari and promises to her that she won’t disappoint her. Rajeshwari tells her that she knows that. Rajmata tells Mausaji that everything is fine now because the latter and Pinku came to rescue her on time. He tells her that he just helped Rani little bit that’s it. Vikram praises Kajri and talks about Suraj’s marriage. Everyone laughs hearing him. Rajeshwari tells them that she is waiting for Digvijay. Rajmata asks her that when he will return. Rajeshwari tells her that he will return soon. Rajmata tells them that Navratri beginning and they should do ‘puja’. Rani gets excited and suggests to call Nanthini for ‘puja’.

On the other hand, Champa tells Nanthini that she decided to cook today. Nanthini asks her that why the latter telling her about it. Champa asks her to look after the cooker for 10 minutes because she has some other work to do now. Nanthini goes to the kitchen. Champa tells herself that now blast will happen and starts counting. Nanthini leaves the kitchen to pick the call and gets shocks hearing blast sound and returns to the kitchen. Rani thinks that Nanthini must be busy.

Malini also enters the kitchen. Champa comes there and asks Nanthini that is the latter fine. Nanthini understands that Champa is behind this and warns her to not repeat this. Champa tells her that she was just helping her then why the latter accusing her. Jai comes there and notices the kitchen’s condition. Champa tells him that Nanthini accusing her unnecessarily. He stops her from speaking and asks her to clean the kitchen properly. He informs Malini and Nanthini that Rajavat’s returns to the palace and Rani invited them for Navratri puja. Nanthini gets happy hearing him. Champa thinks that if Nanthini tells everything to Rajeshwari then no one can save her so she need to seek Jai’s help.

On the other hand, Veer wakes up and gets mesmerized seeing Rani. He asks her to come close to him. She asks him that what he wants. He tells her to spend time with him. She tells him that puja is important and Rajmata must be waiting for her. He acts like he is in pain and she gets worried. Then she understands that he is acting. He tells her that only he has rights on her love and hugs her.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Champa asks Jai to not even think to leave her. He tells her that Nanthini is his wife. She tells him that she is habituated to luxurious life now so he should take care of her life. Nanthini comes there and takes Jai with her.

Vikram informs Rani that Kiara leaving for abroad to start new life. Rani consoles him. Jai’s family arrives there. Rajeshwari and Rajmata welcomes them. Jai murmurs to Nanthini to not tell anything to her family. Nanthini meets her family. They performs ‘puja’. Champa comes there in servant uniform and murmurs to Jai that she won’t let him leave her. Nanthini sees them. Rani notices everything and decides to talk to Nanthini.

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