Bhagya Lakshmi 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Ayush tells to Receptionist about their today’s schedule than he sees Lakshmi and praises her for defending Rishi infront of media and tells her that Media is thinking Rishi can be innocent after hearing your words. Lakshmi says she want to talk with Shanaya once. Ayush says she is intelligent and you don’t know about her. Lakshmi insists him than he sends her to Shanaya house with their driver.

Shanaya enjoys her popularity in channels and happily tells to Rohan that she is all over media than she cuts the the call hearing door bell sound. Shanaya opens the door and asks who’s she. Lakshmi says I’m wife of Rishi Oberoi and wants to talk with you. Shanaya asks why she came. Lakshmi questions why she is accusing her husband and why you’re playing with you respect. Shanaya says Rishi’s the one who played with her.

BhagyaLakshmi 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Lakshmi says he saves girls’ respect, he doesn’t play with it and you’re lying and hurting him and his family and he can never do like you said. Shanaya says he molested me and humiliated me infront of his staff and his Cctv footage is not working otherwise you may know his real face. Lakshmi says I don’t need any proofs to know about him and I won’t trust even if whole world tells me that Rishi is wrong and because of you people won’t believe other ladies who might actually faced problems and remember Rishi have higher values and if you throw at him than it fell on you and I’m praying for your change to tell the truth and she about to leave but Shanaya stops her saying you’re so good and I’m sorry for my mistake and I’m ready to take back my complaint but I don’t want to come to police station as they may arrest me and I dont want them to complaint on me so prepare papers to take back my complaint and I will do it as I realised my mistake. Lakshmi thanks her and tells her that she will return with papers and she asks Driver to take her to office.

Lakshmi gets Shalu call. Shalu asks if Rishi is fine. Lakshmi says he is fine. Shalu says don’t trust accusations against him as he is innocent and good. Lakshmi tells to Shalu that Shanaya agreed to take back the case. Shalu feels happy than she informs to Rano that Rishi is innocent so don’t think that my Jiju was bad. Rano says she didn’t said anything against Rishi. Shalu leaves saying she heard her conversion with Preetam.

Lakshmi wants to meet Rishi but Receptionist tells him Rishi is busy in conference than she meets Ayush nd tells him that Shanaya is ready to take back the case by signing legal papers that she filed wrong complaint on Rishi. Ayush hugs her saying she is miracle machine than he goes to prepare papers with their legal team.

Lakshmi sees Rishi through glass door. Rishi sees her than he closes his eyes and sees again than she hides from him. Rishi thinks if he is imagining her. Ayush handovers papers to Lakshmi and she goes to take sign of Shanaya. Rishi sees Ayush and signs him to work than Ayush thinks Rishi will come running when he finds out his Lakshmi saved him again.

Malishka asks Karishma and Sonia to not overreact. Karishma says Rishi started listening Lakshmi. Malishka says he loves work that’s why he went to office. Sonia says he listened to Lakshmi not you. Karishma says Lakshmi defended Rishi infront of media too so do something. Malishka asks what she have to do as we already find Shanaya is worst lady who don’t listen to us.
Karishma tells Malishka to do something before Lakshmi saves Rishi again. Malishka says she will talk with Rishi once he come from office.

Lakshmi comes to Shanaya place and asks her to sign the papers after reading them. Shanaya says he might send you to take my signature but I won’t sign and you know he did mistake with me still he sent you here to threaten me to take back the case. Lakshmi gets shocked and asks what’s she saying. Shanaya calls the media to comeout.

Media comesout from their hiding spot and corner Lakshmi asking if she is planning to save her husband in this way. Karishma calls Rishi and ask him to turn on TV to find Lakshmi blunder. Rishi does it and gets furious seeing the news of Lakshmi. Rishi says why Lakshmi did it. Karishma says Malishka was right so leave from office immediately as media may create drama at your office. Rishi agrees and shouts Lakshmi. Virendra watches the news than he calls Lakshmi and asks her to leave from that place. Shanaya tells to media that this is real face of Rishi and he wanted to buy me by sending his wife but I denied their offer as I don’t want him to exploit other girls like me than Lakshmi threatening me saying they will ruin my life if I won’t take back the case. Lakshmi gets shocked.

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