BhagyaLakshmi 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

The episode starts with Lakshmi tells to Rishi that she will help him to choose dress for office. Rishi says no need as I’m not going to office as there will be media who might create some drama with their questions so Malishka suggested me to avoid going to office. Lakshmi says you are stopping your life due to them, why you’re getting scared seeing him. Rishi says I’m innocent why will I get scared of them? I’m just avoiding them.

Lakshmi says it’s like hiding from them and let’s face them otherwise they may feel whatever happened true and you consider you employees as your family so just care for your family members rather than media, and this fake case can’t gets dragged for long as lie will gets exposed ond day. Rishi says you’re talking like Nanaji and I got anger quickly that’s why I raised hand at them which is not good but you don’t know these people asks many questions and we need to answer them. Lakshmi says she will answer them.Rishi agrees and asks her to take his dress for office.

Dadi and Ayush discuses Rishi slept without taking sleeping pill. Rishi gets ready to go to office and comes to downstairs. Neelam asks where is he going. Rishi says he is going to office. Neelam, Malishka says it’s not good time as it’s tough to answer questions of people. Rishi says let them talk as I don’t care about those people and I just care about my family members and I know that you guys trust me that’s enough and it’s tough time for us so we have to face it as lie will get exposed soon and truth will come out, am I right Dadi. Dadi agrees.

Rishi says let’s face it together. Malishka says still she feel it bad decision. Lakshmi comes downstairs. Rishi says trust me and we have meeting with foreign investors too. Ayush sats he cancelled the Meeting. Rishi says arrange it they will agree as we can’t wait 5montgs for this meeting, am I correct dad. Virendra agrees. Neelam asks Rishi ti stay strong. Rishi agrees and tells her it’s going to br fine and he leaves after signing to Lakshmi. Neelam says Rishi is looking better and she goes to call to her dad.

Virender asks Lakshmi if she sent Rishi to office. Malishka hears him. Lakshmi smiles. Virendra says we have to face problems and I like seeing you becoming his courage and strength and what magic you do on him and how you make him sleep without sleeping pill. Lakshmi says it’s between husband and wife so I can’t tell it you. Malishka leaves angrily. Virendra says he may take that Taneja file. Lakshmi says he forgot that file than Virendra asks her to take that file in his car and asks her to give more strength to Rishi if he needs it. Lakshmi agrees.

Rishi reaches to office. Ayush tells him everything will be fine and he goes to park the car. Malishka joins Rishi. Media surrounds him with questions, he loves forward and Malishka coudnt walk when her heel gets twisted. Reporters questions why he broke his wife’s trust and will she leave you? And why you’re silent? Are you agreeing your crime.

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Lakshmi stops them and tells to them that don’t take his silence as weakness and he is silent as he gives respect to everyone and he silent as he knows how to respect woman that’s why he didn’t tell anything against Shanaya that’s increases my trust on him and he is innocent and truth will come out very soon and I holded his hand to stay with him forever not to leave him in problems and do your work by showing the news but don’t declare culprit by yourself and she walks inside the office with Rishi. Malishka gets angry.

Lakshmi realises she is holding the hand and leaves it and tells him to sorry, did I said so much to media? Am I did wrong? I came to gave this File to you. Malishka tells to Lakshmi that she can’t come to office and talk to media like this as media can make the name and ruins the name and it’s plays important role in our society. Rishi says Lakshmi didn’t do any wrong and I feel she is absolutely right. Malishka says really and she leaves from that place. Lakshmi says she is saying for your good, maybe she is hurt. Rishi says she will be fine and sends Lakshmi to home.

Rishi follows Malishka and tells her sorry. Malishka questions why he proved her wrong infront of Lakshmi and Lakshmi don’t have class and she can’t even become your worker than how can you insult me infront of her. Rishi asks why she is talking in this way. Malishka says still you’re taking her side and she says Lakshmi is uneducated and low level. Rishi says your standards are high and you’re my classy girl than why you’re talking in this way. Malishka asks why she feels he is going towards her. Rushi asks can’t she see his love in his eyes. Malishka asks if he loves only her.

Rishi says yes and you’re my madness and she asks him to save it and about to jump from window than Rishi stops her on time. Malishka says if you come late in anytime than I will be no more than I will understand you don’t love me and that day won’t come as I trust love and madness between us and I’m giving you last chance and forgived you for taking side of Lakshmi and you’re important to me more than my life. Rishi asks her to never do this mad things. Malishka hugs him telling she is possesive about him. Clerk handovers pendrive to Rishi which Sudheer sent to him. Malishka leaves.

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