Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Episode begins with Suraj asks the Servant to decorate well because it’s his marriage. Vijaya asks Rani that did the latter liked the decorations. She asks her to not worry because all the girls feels like this before marriage. She tells her to not show this worry to Suraj and orders her to get ready. Rani thinks that still she didn’t get any information from Mausaji. Vikram wonders that where Veer must be now and he can’t even go to search him, leaving Rani in this situation alone.

Rani gets ready as bride. She recalls that how Veer entered the palace to protect her from Vijaya and Suraj and how Suraj tortured Veer and also how Suraj tried to get close to her. She takes the knife and tells herself that she need to protect herself from Suraj and she keeps it with her. She takes the vermillion box and tells that only Veer can apply vermillion on her forehead and she won’t give this right to anyone else.

On the other hand, Vijaya asks Priest about preparations. Suraj comes there and Vijaya compliments him. Priest tells them to call the bride. Rani comes there wearing veil and Vijaya helps her to sit on the marriage mandap. Suraj tells Vijaya that important guests didn’t come yet and switch on the TV. Rajeshwari and Vikram gets emotional seeing tied up Veer and Rajmata. Suraj tells Veer that he is going to marry Rani and the latter can’t do anything. Rani and Suraj exchanges marriage garlands and they completes the ‘pheres’. Suraj smriks seeing Veer. Then he ties the nuptial chain on Rani’s neck.

Priest announces that from now on Suraj and Rani are husband and wife. The couple takes Vijaya’s blessings. Suraj tells Rani that if she wants then the latter can take Veer’s blessings. Veer congratulates Suraj. Vijaya and Suraj shocks seeing Rani with Veer. Rani unties Veer and Rajmata. Then she congratulates Suraj. Suraj removes the bride’s veil and shocks seeing old lady. Rajavat’s smiles seeing that. Vijaya asks Rani that what’s happening here. Police comes there and arrests Vijaya and Suraj.

Rani reveals that how she exchanged the bride with Kajri’s help. Kajri comes there and mocks Vijaya. Rani informs Suraj that how she found Veer’s location by tricking him and also how Mausaji and Pinku helped her to find the exact location. She reveals that it’s Rajeshwari who informed everything to Police so now Vijaya’s game is over. Rajeshwari tells Vijaya that the latter forgot that she is original ‘Ranisa’. Vikram reveals that he changed her sim card that’s why her goons could not contact her. Vijaya tells them that she won’t leave anyone. Rajeshwari slaps her and warns her to not utter a word against her family. Police takes Vijaya and Suraj from there.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Later, Rajeshwari makes Rajmata sit on her chair. Rajmata praises Rani. Rajeshwari feels bad for slapping Rani. Rani tells her that she can understand that why the latter reacted like that and takes her blessings. Rajeshwari accepts Rani as her daughter in law. Veer and others smiles. Rani gets emotional.

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