Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd October 2021 Rani gives the drink to Sooraj. He drinks it while Rani spills hers. Sooraj says I got high with one glass. Let’s do something different today. rani says what do you mean? He says let’s play video game. Rani says sure. He says let’s connect. Rani says there must be some info in his phone.

She picks his phone and goes through his messages. Rani finds a picture. Sooraj comes to her. Rani hides the phone. He says let’s play. Rani says you have to teach me. He says I can train you in 5 minutes. He says come here. Rani says drink more. He says I am done. Rani says for me.. He drinks it.

Rani and Sooraj start playing video game. Rani says defeat me if you can. Rani tries to find a clue in the picture. She reads JVP Cement. Rani says this is the factory he’s in. Sooraj says I won. Rani says you’re amazing.

Scene 2
Vijaya says you were holding head so I thought you might need tea. Vijaya says go make it fast.

Rajeshwari comes to a place. She says I have no other option. This is right and important.

Sooraj says I won again. Try to play at least. Rani smiles. Sooraj comes close. Rani says what are you doing? He says you said let’s date. Rani says to know each other not for all this. He says it’s the part of knowing each other. Rani moves aside and he faints. Rani slaps him. She says I will tell you your place once I find Veer.

Nandini gets dressed in a pretty saree. Jai looks ather. Nandini says my locket is lose.. Can you help me? Jai ties her necklace. Champa says let me do it. She pulls it tight. Jai says careful.. it’s hurting her. She says in heart this Nandini is trying to attract my Jai. Champa says to Nandini I know what are you trying to do? You’re trying to attract my Jai. She says he’s my husband and he still has love for me. You can’t take it from him. Champa says why doesn’t he show you love then? Nandini says his eyes are dusted. Once that dust wears off he will love me. Champa says it will be fun to take your husband from you now. Nandini says let’s see.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Vikram says to Rani there are many factories with this name. how will we know where Veer is? Rani says did you get that cloth? He says yes. He gives her a red cloth. Mausa and Pinku are waiting outside for the cloth. They see the hint. Mausa ji says Rani found hsi location. She has written the factory name on the paper.

Nandini serves tea to everyone. Champa says someone is here to meet you.. Nandini says ask them to wait. I am having food with my husband and parents in law. Jai says come eat. Nandini made tasty food today. Malani says she can eat when she wants she isn’t a kid. Nandini says Jai has a big heart. He cares a lot of poor people especially servants. Champa I have left your food in the kitchen. Champa is angry.

She leaves. Jai is worried. Champa comes close to Jai. She picks a jug. Champa says I will go, let me give Jai water first. She spills it on his clothes. Jai says what did you do? Champa says let me clean it. Nandini says Jai can clean himself. Jai please go change. Jai says that’s right. He leaves. Champa says I have to tell her Jai is mine and will always be.

Veer opens his eyes. The goon is drunk. Veer cuts his rope. He tries to run away. Veer says I am coming Rani. Vijaya stops him with a gun and says why in such a hurry? Veer says you can shoot. She says I want to show you something.. See it before you leave. Her goons bring Rajmata. Veer says leave her please. Champa says go sit on your chair. She says tie him and this Rajmata as well.

Vikram tells Rani Rajmata isn’t home. Rani says how is that possible? Vikram saysis Vijaya doubting us? Rani says she can never win.


Sooraj says you challenged me right? I am making your Rani my Radhika.. He video calls from the mandap. Panit ji says from now you are husband and wife.

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