Anupama 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Anupama 2nd October 2021 Anupama apologizes Anuj. Anuj asks if she is fine. She says not completely, but she is habituated to bear Mr Shah’s taunts; asks him to get ready for business meeting. He says he is really sorry for getting drunk and swears he didn’t mix anything in his orange juice. Anu says he need not give any explanation as she is able to understand his shayari and thoughts slowly.

He says he is really sorry if he had made any mistake when he was drunk. She says one who wants to misbehave when sober misbehaves when drunk and one who respects by heart when sober respects even when drunk, inebriation provokes brain but not heart. He thanks her and says he will get ready and call her, then they can go for a meeting. She nods okay and leaves.

Rakhi tells Baa that until she waits for Mr Shah and Anu, Baa can prepare her black coffee without her. Baa warns nagin/her not to sit on her swing. Rakhi disobeys her and asks what will she do now, she is loving seeing Baa frowning. Baa calls Anu angrily again. Anu checks her mobile and seeing Baa’s multiple missed calls, hopes everything is fine. Vanraj enters and says nothing is fine,

Baa called him and informed that Rakhi is demanding 20 lakhs back right now. Anu says she had promised Kinjal to wait for a month. He says Rakhi always breaks her promises, they both need to reach home soon, he booked his 9 a.m. flight with Kavya as she has a business interview, even she should ask Anuj to book her ticket without bothering about meeting or else she will break her house.

Rakhi continues creating nuisance at Shah house. Kinjal asks her to go home till Vanraj and Anu return and reminds her promise of not asking money back until karkhana deal is over. Rakhi says she needs money. Kinjal reminds her promise made to Anu. Rakhi says it flew in air and says she came here to take back her money and not steal like Kinjal. Kinjal asks if she will break her own daughter’s house.

Rakhi says she was Shahs’ DIL, when did she become her mother’s daughter, she has become CCC like her MIL. Mamaji jokes. Rakhi says chatur, chant, chalak and asks why is she worried when her in-laws love her and will not punish her for her mother’s mistakes. She shows her name plate and says she knows this will be fixed at door today for sure. She then picks Baa’s bead necklace and plays with it. Baa warns her to keep it back. Rakhi breaks it and seeks fake apologizes.

Baa picks beads kneeling on ground crying it was her mother’s gifted necklace. Bapuji,Kinjal, and Samar help her. Vanraj and Anu return home and are shocked to see that. They rush and lift up Baa and Bapuji. Rakhi arrogantly asks Vanraj where is her new samdhan. Vanraj says today a son will speak and not a samdhi. She warns him to stop his attitude and return her money. Vanraj says once karkhana deal is over, he will throw cheque on her face. Rakhi says she needs it right now.

Anupama 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

He says Kinjal had spoken to her. Rakhi says she forgot it and will fix her nameplate at door at any cost. Vanraj shouts Rakhi Dave. Rakhi says if he is ashamed to call her samdhan, he can call her house owner as it is also her house from today.

Anu keeps 20 lakhs cheque on her nameplate and says she must have not slept whole night thinking how to humiliate them, she should take cheque and get out of house and throw her nameplate in dustbin. Vanraj thinks Anu didn’t inform him about cheque on the way as she wanted to become heroine here.

Rakhi says Anuj’s sign on Anu’s cheque, their friendship is so great. Anu asks when she doesn’t care about her daughter, humanity, or relationship, why she is bothered about sign and orders her to get up from her Baa’s swing. Rakhi says she made a mistake by helping her. Anu says seeing Rakhi’s misbehavior with Baa and Bapuji, she wants slap her nameplate on her face; Rakhi made a deal instead when she sought her help thinking her as dear one; she takes oath to sell her kidney instead of seeking her help. Rakhi taunts that Anuj will not let her sell even her 2 rs hair band.

Vanraj shouts how dare she is to touch Anu. Anu says when a woman’s hair get loose, she becomes chandi. Rakhi returns her hairband in fear. Anu warns to dare not misbehave with her again and says she learnt a nice sentence in Mumbai, chala chala ude chala meaning move away.

Vanraj breaks Rakhi’s nameplate. Anu says her Baa calls Rakhi as nagin, she thought why should she misbehave in return of Rakhi’s misbehavior and always respected her and invited her in every function, but Rakhi insulted her Baa and Bapuji and got them on knees; there would be relationship but not respect; her bahu will neither go to Rakhi’s house nor Rakhi will visit their house.

Baa says she said right. Vanraj shows door to Rakhi. Rakhi slips on beads. Kinjal shows concern. Anu asks Samar to bring gangajal and sprinkles it on Baa’s swing, leaving Rakhi burning more in humiliation and walking out of house. Vanraj says hope to never see you again. Rakhi taunts that Anuj’s heart won Anu and his wealth won Vanraj. Vanraj angrily shuts door on her face. Rakhi determines to take revenge from Anu soon.

Anupama 2nd October 2021Written Episode Update Precap

Vanraj taunts that Anu and Anuj will work hard now. Anuj fumes that its his mistake that he didn’t propose Anu on time or else her life would have been a fairytale story like a queen. Anu visits his house and he shows her something.

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