Anupama 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Anupama 1st October 2021 Inebriated Anuj continues explaining how he reached Anu’s house with difficulty and saw Vanraj’s baraath already standing in front of her door. Inebriated Vanraj asks if he was looking hot in blue sherwani. Anuj asks what kind of a man to talk about blue sherwani when his friend’s heart is broken.

Vanraj says sorry and says if he was in his place, he would have broken a mouth of a person who brought baraat. Anuj asks to break his own face. Vanraj says he meant if they were in each other’s place. Anuj hopes so. Vanraj says he should have broken his face then. Anu asks if he can break his face now and laughs loudly. Vanraj says love is weird, he loves Kavya but fights with her daily, weird love medal goes to Anuj; asks how can he still love Anu even after 26 years. Anuj says god has sent Anu in his name, how can he forget a person whose name is attached to his name.

Vanraj says time forgets everything. Anuj says his heart is intelligent and wrote Anu’s name with pen ink instead of pencil, he loved Anu and will love her forever until he is alive. Vanraj asks him not to say that as it hurts him. Anuj asks not to stop him as he is opening up for the first time after 26 years. Vanraj asks not to tell even to him. Anuj says he will repeatedly say I love Anupama.

Anu returns and hears Anuj’s confession. Kavya also returns. Vanraj hugs Anuj saying I love you bro. Kavya says their brotherhood is not ending at all. Anu gives her curd to feed it to Vanraj. Vanraj resists to go with Kavya and continues his brotherhood with Anuj. Kavya forcefully drags Vanraj to their room. Anuj denies to accompany Anu. Anu brings luggage trolley and takes him to his room while he continues his baffoonery heavily inebriated. Bahut Pyar Karte Hain Tumko Sanam..

song plays in the background as he looks at her while she pushes trolley to his room. In room, she asks him to go on his bed. He says he wants to tell her something. She says go ahead. He says some other day and removes his shoes. She feeds him curd which he enjoys with background music in his mind. She asks him to lie down now. He obeys her and asks her to go to her room now.

Next morning, Baa gets frustrated when Anu doesn’t pick her call. Anu returns to Anuj’s room and rings bell thinking if he would be able to attend today’s meeting or not. Anuj opens door and recites shayari in his mind. She asks if he is fine. He says he feels lightheaded. She asks if he doesn’t remember what happened last night.

He asks what had happened? Rakhi already present with Baa provokes her that Anu must be busy with his new partner with business meetings and gives an example that when a Parvati steps out of house, she becomes Poo, then Anu has gone out of city. Baa calling her nagin asks her to stop biting and go home. Rakhi says this house is almost hers now and will go only after fixing her nameplate on door, she will not go until she speaks to Anu or Vanraj.

Anupama 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Back to hotel, Anu asks Anuj if he really doesn’t remember anything. Anuj says he really doesn’t remember anything. Vanraj walks to them with serious expression. Anuj asks if something had happened last night. Kavya says a lot happened in this corridor, they were inseparable and continuously talking. Vanraj thinks why don’t he remember what they discussed last night. Anuj thinks he always thinks about Anu and hopes he didn’t discuss about her. Kavya says they must have discussed business ideas, its a good thing that they don’t remember anything. Vanraj says he doesn’t drink. Anuj says even he doesn’t, he had ordered orange juice, how did he get so high then.

Vanraj remembers Anu confronting him and says they will leave now and apologizes Anuj for spoiling his Mumbai trip, he doesn’t know what happened last night, but he is sure if he and Kavya were not present, Anuj’s night would have been most memorable. Anu gives a befitting reply that he didn’t take her to his office parties as she smelt masalas from hands, but he stinks with his dirty thinking and talks and hence its better if he stays away from her work place.

Anupama 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap

Rakhi breaks Baa’s bead necklace.Baa, Bapuji, Mamaji kneel down and pick beads. Anu and Vanraj return home and get angry seeing that. Rakhi warns Vanraj to stop showing his attitude and return her money. Anu gives her cheque and orders that Kinjal will not come to meet her and neither she will never come here to meet Kinjal.

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