Tera Mera Saath Rahe 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Gopika stands up and Ramila sees her so she makes a noise which makes Gopika to run away from that place. Ramila wonders where is Gopika going and tells that her plans will be flop and runs behind Gopika. Gopika comes out of the room so Ramila also follows her and goes out of the room. Mithila and others enters the room meanwhile and then Mithila wonders where is Gopika. Uma makes fun of Mithila saying that even the rakshad is went missing may be Gopika is scared of the statue and left the place. Mithila says to Uma they have still some more time left. She then goes to search for Gopika.

Ramila asks Gopika to come out of her in her hiding place. She then hears Mithila is calling Gopika’s name so she goes and hides herself. Mithila calls Gopika’s name and wonders where is she. Gopika prays to god to help her and save her from the rakshad. Mithila goes towards the dustbin. Gopika gets scared when someone touches her shoulder and gets relieved seeing Baa who asks her what is she doing here and helps her come out of the dustbin. Mithila finds Ramila in her disguised look and gets shocked. Baa asks Gopika why she is scared this much.

Gopika tells Baa that rakshad is following her so she got scared and tells her that’s why she hide herself in the dustbin. Mithila asks Ramila what is she doing here that too in disguised look of rakshad. Ramila gets worried and looks at Mithila. Baa tells Gopika that someone might have pranked her so she don’t have to afraid about all this. Gopika then gets scared hearing the car sound so Baa consoles her.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Seeing Gopika’s state Baa asks her whe she is scared like this she is a brave person. Gopika tells Baa that she gets scared of everything she become a little more brave after met Mithila. Baa gets confused and asks Gopika what is she saying. She also reminds her how she saved Mithila and Saksham also how she without others help climb the tree and took the ring from there. Gopika tells Baa that she does all those not because she is a brave person but because seeing others in trouble she took some impulsive decisions that’s how she saved others also if anyone threatens her she will oblige their words.

Baa tells Gopika that she doesn’t understand and then tells Gopika that if she is scared of everything how come she gave speech infront of everyone. Gopika tells Baa that she took her spectacles that day so that only she can able to give that speech with the blurred vision otherwise she couldn’t able to. She further says that she took help from Ashi to give speech in English but by God’s grace Mithila asks her to give speech in Hindi which made her tells whatever she wants to tell about this family. Baa asks Gopika why whe wants help from Ashi when she herself a graduated in English literature.

Gopika gets shocked and tells Baa that she studied till eighth grade only that too in Gujarati medium also whatever the english words she knows is because of Ashi only who taught her those words. Baa recalls Mithila saying Saksham that she found a perfect life partner for her also the way she praised Gopika for being brave and taking a firm stand for what’s right. Gopika tells Baa that she is lucky to have such a good family who accepted her in their life even though she don’t deserves this all.

Baa wonders it’s a misunderstanding or they have been trapped. She also worries about Mithila’s reaction after finding the truth. Gopika tells Baa that she don’t want to disappoint Mithila and also she wants to win this competition for Mithila. Mithila asks Ramila to answer her question. Ramila tells Mithila that she did all this under Gopika’s instructions. Mithila gets confused and looks at Ramila.

Gopika and Baa enters the pandal where the God’s idol has been kept. Baa and Gopika gets confused seeing all are around the God’s idol so Gopika asks what’s happening here. Everyone sides and let Gopika move forward. Baa tells Mithila that she wants to tell her something but Mithila stops her and tells she knows everything. She then shows Gopika the God’s idol seeing the rakshad Gopika gets scared and tries to back away but gets shocked and confused when Mithila tells her that her idea to use her aunt Ramila as a rakshad is too good.

Ramila from her position tells Gopika that before she could come where she went. The judges praises Gopika’s idea and announces her a as a winner of this round. Baa wonders whether to tell Mithila the truth or not. Mithila stops Uma and tells her just like her son Saksham who made them second in their business her daughter in law also defeat her daughter in law in the next round.

Uma tells Mithila that they can see. She then thinks that Mithila didn’t understand her plan its not she wanted Gopika to fail in this competition but to insult Mithila which she will do it for sure. Mithila then shows everyone the crown which her family made for God and tells Saksham and Churag that its their responsibility to protect it. Saksham assures Mithila that he will protect it. Uma calls some men and asks them to steal the crown without anyone’s knowledge. Those men agrees.

Uma tells that now she wants to see Mithila’s reaction after learning that Crown went missing and can’t wait to see her saving humiliation infront of everyone and smirks. Mithila explains everyone the next part of the competition will be conducted and tells the four competitors has to light up their Diya and make sure it’s in that position till the next day and whose Diya is still on will announced as the winner and she is sure her daughter in law will win this competition. Gopika takes the plate where the Diya has been kept and smiles.

Precap: Gopika goes to pour the oil on other competitors Diya but Uma ans everyone comes there and Uma tells that Gopika is disqualified. Gopika explains Mithila that she saw one of the competitors Diya is about to off and there was no oil so she decides to pour the oil in it because she dont want that person to leave the competition because of this. Uma tells that rule is if the person goes near other person’s Diya then that person will be disqualified.

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