Rishton Ka Manjha 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Diya recalls the video in which one of the player does shots and she practices in her room. Her cousin comes there and asks her what is she doing. Diya tells that she is tired that’s why she came here to take some rest. Her cousin tells her that everyone is waiting for her outside and here she is saying that she wants to take rest. She then notices Diya is sweating so she asks her why she is looking like this then asks Diya to take rest before Aditya’s family members sent the Haldi reach the house once it reaches she and Sushmita will help her get ready for her and tells she is going to be the most beautiful bride. Diya smiles.

Diya’s cousin tells Diya that she is going to miss her a lot also their outing without family’s knowledge her way of thinking and everything about her. Diya gets emotional. Diya’s cousin further says that she dont want to cry now because her marriage is going to take place in few hours that time she will cry but Diya jokingly demands her cousin to cry now or else her make up will be ruined. Her cousin smiles and asks her to the rest and leaves.

In Arjun’s house Madhuri asks Deepika all the preparations for Haldi ceremony is done right. Deepika tells Madhuri she made all the preparation so asks her not to worry. Madhuri then asks Deepika to go to the temple to put the a part of Haldi in the temple for blessings. She also tells that she wants to go to the temple to do this by herself but there are so many works left so she can’t able to go to the temple. Deepika tells Madhuri that she is going to the temple so she dont have to worry about it.

Arjun’s grandmother tells Madhuri that she will also accompany Deepika but Madhuri tells that she is overworking already also the climate outside is not good so asks her to not to go. Deepika then goes to Luv and tells him that she already arranged which outfit he needs to wear for the Haldi ceremony meanwhile she will go the temple for the ritual. Luv mocks Deepika by asking from when did she starts worrying about him and asks her not to show her fake love and concern for him and asks her to leave the place.

Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update

In Diya’s house the ritual before marriage happens. Diya looks at her mother emotionally. Luv talks to someone on the call and tells them that he didn’t see the newspaper yet. He then asks the worker to bring the newspaper soon. The worker goes to take the newspaper. Niharika sees everything so she goes to Luv and asks him what happened is he worried about business. The worker gives the newspaper to Luv who gets shocked seeing Arjun and Diya’s picture has been published that too in the first page. He shows the same to Niharika and asks her is anyone asked her about this. Niharika tells Luv that even if anyone knows they won’t tell them they will go behind and talk ill about their family. Luv wonders how he is going to handle the situation and tells Niharika that he needs to inform Amitabh who is in meeting. Niharika tells Luv that Amitabh must have learnt already. Diya’s father does the ritual and both and Diya and her father looks at each other with tear-filled eyes. Sanjeev comes there and asks Luv where is Amitabh he wants to talk to him about the news.

Luv tells Sanjeev that Amitabh is busy in an important conference. Sanjeev says to Luv now he is thinking his decision to let marry his daughter to someone like Arjun whose picture iis already published with another girl. Arjun calls Radhu. The latter tells him that Karan Mathur is planning something to stop him from entering the tournament with Diya also Karan will make sure to do anything to defeat Diya so that just like last time how he put false allegations on Arjun he can do the same to.Diya too and he is worried. Arjun asks Radhu to not to worry saying he will not let Karan win this time. He also tells Radhu that Diya’s skills has been improved by practice. Madhuri asks Sanjeev what is Tina doing and tells him that within few minutes they will start the Haldi ceremony. Sanjeev tells Madhuri that is she saw the newspaper yet. Madhuri tells no and asks Luv what it is and says it must be Arjun and Tina’s pictures but gets shocked seeing Arjun’s picture with Diya.

Madhuri calls Diya a shameless girl and tells that she asked Diya to not to come to this house also leave the function but she didn’t listen to her also went against her wish and used their backyard to practice. Tina comes there and tells everyone that she knows that Arjun and Diya practiced inbetween their sangeeta ceremony. Madhuri scolds Tina for not listening to her words to not to invite Diya also didn’t inform them when she saw them together. Tina defends herself saying that it’s not her its Arjun who is obsessed with the tournament. Madhuri tells that she is going to talk to.Diya but Tina stops her and tells that the last time Diya made Arjun against his family she will do the same this time if she asks her not to talk to Arjun. She then tells that she already made sure that Arjun not to leave the marriage venue at any cost.

Arjun decides to call Diya to warn her but Madhuri comes there and scolds him for putting their reputation at stake. She also tells Arjun that his one wrong move will ruin everyone’s life so asks him not to repeat this mistake and not to go anywhere. Arjun wonders what will happen if Diya’s family sees the picture which has been published in the newspaper. Tina looks sad when the dance performances starts before the Haldi ceremony recalling Arjun’s words about his priority is the match not the marriage. Madhuri Deepika and everyone applies Haldi on Arjun’s face. Amitabh comes there so Madhuri goes to talk to him. Tina and Sanjeev shares an emotional moment. Amitabh asks both Madhuri and Luv to keep an eye on Arjun. They both obliges. He also tells that he wants to talk to Arjun about his behavior towards him which he don’t want to tolerate anymore. Arjun looks ahead.

Precap: The Haldi which Deepika has in her hand falls to the ground when the person pushes her. Deepika gets shocked. Diya’s cousin applies the Haldi which Deepika had on Diya and tells her that she is going to look more beautiful.

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