RadhaKrishn 4th-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

RadhaKrishn 4th October 2021 Krishna frees Rukmini from all their relationships and duties for each other. Rukmini says she will leave Dwarka then. Devi Gauri cries seeing that. Mahadev asks why is she crying. Devi Gauri says she is hurt with Krishna’s misbehavior towards Rukmini.

Mahadev says differences creep up between two lovers and they solved their differences and reunite again, she should just watch what Krishna does now. Rukmini gets out of Dwarka. Radha pleads not to go. Rukmini says when a relationship is broken, there is no reason for her to stay here. Radha says Krishna didn’t mean it and requests her again not to go. Rukmini says Krishna mean it and she cannot stay here and leaves in chariot.

Radha rushes to Krishna and requests him to stop Rukmini as she demanded a promise because of her, he cannot break his ties with Rukmini so easily and reminds their wedding. He stands silently. She remembers asking him to take back his promise made to hunter Jara and says she takes back all her promises, now he should stop Rukmini. Krishna agrees and walks towards Dwarka door playing bansuri.

Rukmini hears Krishna’s bansuri sound and thinks he wants to stop her, but she will not; she orders driver not to stop chariot. Krishna with Radha reaches her and says if she wants to know what he meant and explains that they love him and wants his presence, so they demanded an illegal oath; they should think of Jara who life is in a turmoil and will improve with his help, its adharma to break promise, etc.

Devi Gauri hearing that smiles and tells Mahadev that he was right. Rukmini agrees to Krishna and asks Radha to accept Krishna’s plea. Radha remembers her dream of Jara shooting his foot and says she cannot accept his plea and walks away from there. Krishna thinks he cannot change destiny; already the path of his end has started and he has to walk on it. Mahadev thinks he is right.

RadhaKrishn 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Sam searches Jara and sees Jara’s wife throwing a bag on him and asking him to go on begging as Achyut will not come and teach him. Jara thinks he will hut something for sure. Sam follows him. Jara tries to practice shooting but fails repeatedly. Sam thinks this man cannot do anything properly, so he cannot be Jara. Jara remembers Krishna’s advice and shoots arrow at bull’s eyes. Sam is shocked to see that and thinks its Krishna’s magic, he needs to do something.

Krishna walks to Radha while she is busy lighting lamps at night. Radha says its of no use if he has come to explain her. He says he came to check her injury. She says no need for that as he doesn’t listen to anyone. He says she needs to understand that when is born, he needs to die. She says he is immortal in the whole universe. He says he made rules and will the world accept if he breaks his own rules. She says he justifies is words with dharma, but what about love; he cannot understand how she is feeling.

He stands silently. She tries to leave and her veil falls on lamp and catches fire. He holds veil and sets off fire burning his hand. Radha asks him to leave her veil, turns and seeing his burnt hand gets concerned and rushes to bring medicine. Krishna thinks sometimes pain is necessary.


Sam asks sabha to discuss their problem with Dwarkadhish. Jara enters and is surprised to see Achyut as Krishna.Radha via telepathy asks Krishna not to accept Jara’s demands. Krishna thinks he is bound by promise. Sam thinks if Jara asks his Krishna’s life, he has to sacrifice it.

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