RadhaKrishn 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

RadhaKrishn 1st October 2021 Radha dreams about Krishna promising Jara to teach him archery and make him a successful warrior. She gets up worried and thinks she will not let Krishna return to jungle and meet Jara again. She runs towards Krishna’s room and clashes with him. Krishna asks where is she going in a hurry and makes her sit. She says her wrist got twisted. He says he will get medicine for her. She stops him and says her fear is not letting him in peace. He asks what happened that she is so tensed.

She says she Jara’s arrow at a place where he had water, so she went to Jara’s house and kept her ring at Jara’s house so that he stops hunting and hurting Krishna. He says its a coincidence. She insists him to return ring to Jara and take back his promise. Krishna says he cannot take back his promise. She says then he shouldn’t worry about her pain and walks away angrily. Krishna thinks she wants to keep him away from pain, but unknowingly is pushing him towards it.

Sam invites Shukracharya and explaining what he heard asks how did Jara get Radha’s ring. Shukracharya says its Krishna leela/magic that Jara got Krishna’s gifted ring, Sam should find out the connection between Jara and Krishna while he finds out more details via his knowledge. Radha walks to Rukmini and says Krishna is not agreeing to take back his promise made to Jara, so they both somehow need to force him to take back his promise. Sam hears their conversation.

Rukmini walks to Krishna. Krishna says he wanted to talk to her regarding Radha’s fear. Rukmini says she came to talk about same, if Radha is so fearful about her dream and if he loves Radha immensely, why can’t he break his promise for him. Krishna says he can’t. She asks for her at least. He says he cannot. She reminds him oaths taken during their wedding and requests to break his promise made to Jara.

He says he cannot promote Radha’s dream and cannot agree to even her. Rukmini walks away disappointed. Radha hears their conversation and locks herself in room thinking she will neither speak or meet Krishna. She finds Krishna already present in her room with medicine and asks him to go. He requests her to apply medicine and says he is doing what is best for them. Radha asks if he cannot fulfill her and Rukmini’s wish. He says she should apply medicine to know the reason. She agrees. He applies medicine on her sprained wrist. She asks him to convince Rukmini first. He agrees and says he will end Radha’s pain. Radha says Rukmini will not agree. He says he is following a path of truth and Rukmini will also support truth.

RadhaKrishn 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Sam reaches jungle and asks soldier about Jara’s house. Soldier shows him direction and asks why everyone are asking Jara’s address. Sam asks who else had come. He says a divine looking lady last night. Sam realizes its Radha and heads towards Jara’s house. Krishna walks to Rukmini. Rukmini says he didn’t respect his wife’s wish.

He says he will fulfill her wish and says he frees her from all relationships and promises he made to her. Rukmini shatters hearing that. Radha asks how can he break relationship with Rukmini and asks him to take back his words. Krishna denies. Rukmini cries vigorously. Radha consoles her and asks Krishna why is she troubling Rukmini. Krishna says one who is related to them are troubled, he is not related to Rukmini anymore. Rukmini says she will leave Dwarka if she is not related to him anymore. He stands unperturbed.


Rukmini asks Radha not to stop her after Krishna broke up his relationship with her. Radha confronts Krishna, but he doesn’t agree.

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