Tera Mera Saath Rahe 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 1st October 2021 Smoke comes out of the microwave. Ramila and Aashi laugh. Ramila says now Nikhila will ask how was is burned? Aashi says Gopika will say I was drying saree. Ramila says she will say that I thought you were wise. Get out of my house. Aashi says then she will clean your dishes. Gopika says why is there so much smoke, Nikhila goes there. She says there’s a burning smell.. Uma comes. She says only 20 minutes are left. My DIL has done all the decoration. Nikhila says Gopika is busy in doing it. She will dress Mata rani the best. Gopika takes out the saree and it’s burned. Gopika says what will I do now. Uma leaves.

Nikhila walks towards the kitchen. Gopika says how do I fix it. Nikhila sees the smoke. No one is in the kitchen. She sees the microwave and finds a piece of cloth. Aashi says where is smell coming from? This cloth.. it’s the same saree’s piece that Gopike chose for matarani. She she put saree in the microwave? Nikhila says quiet.

Gopika cries and says I did what Aashi said. I didn’t know it will burn. I burned your saree Matarani and maa ji must be disappointed. How will I do it now. Please show me a way God. Nikhila walks towards Gopika’s room. Gopika sees fresh flowers.

Tejal meets VJ. He hugs her. Hitain says Tejal ji.. Tejal says get lost from here. VJ says you are not needed here. They leave.

Nikhila comes to Gopika’s room and says Gopika come here and tell me how was saree burned. Aashi and Ramila follow her. Gopika isn’t there. Nikhila comes to the temple. Gopika is there. She has decorated the idol with flowers. Gopika says I made a saree from flowers. How does it look? Nikhila says your decoration has answered my question. This is beautiful. Looks like you have magic in hands. Stay blessed. Time is running out. Complete your decorations. Gopika stops Aashi and says saree gets burned in the microwave but thank God I found flowers. Ramila says this is her last time of saving herself.

Tejal and VJ make video. He says let’s go in the hall. She says my whole family is there. He says can’t you do that for me? She says let’s go to my place. No one is there. Vj says this what I wanted. Hitain hears it.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

All guests come. The DILs start presenting their idols to the judges. Nikhila says Gopika the judges are here. Come. Gopika says I need one more minute. Gopika says I lost my mom in childhood and then I found maa ji. I hope I can win this competition for her.

Ramila comes there dresses as Maysasur. Gopika gets scared and screams. Ramila scares her. Nikhila waits for Gopika. Ramila scares Gopika. Gopika picks a knife. Nikhila brings the guests there and says Gopika has dressed MataRani so well. Come with me. Ramila says Nikhila will see this scared Gopika. Ramila hides. Gopika is fainted. Nikhila is coming there.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap

Gopika says to baa I am scared of everything.. this is my reality. Baa says you gave introduction about your family in english. Gopika says Aashi wrote it and I read it. Baa says why wouldyou take her help? You’re masters in English. Gopika says no. I only studied till 10th grade. Baa is shocked. She takes Gopika inside and says I have to tell you something about Gopika. Nikhila says I know everything about Gopika.

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