Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th-Oct- 2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Devyani taking all blame on her as she helped Sai elpoe from home. Pulkit consoles her that it’s not her fault, she cannot help to change the condition. Virat is shocked, he tells to his boss that Sai is not in a good condition and has been admitted yo City hospital. His boss ask him to go soon, he is traumatise and falls down. Ahead they both goes to the hospital.

Devyani is crying, when she sees Sai doctor she pleads to him to save Sai. Samrat ask doctor to start the surgery and tells him her husband is on the way. Doctor ask them to wait let him come then they will start the surgery. Devi keeps on telling that all thes happened due to Virat and Palkhi. Everyone ask her to pray for Sai health. She says that she will never pray for her to get back to that horrible house. Devyani says what if Sai never gets better.

Devyani blames Palkhi and Virat for everything. She tells to Samrat that she was trying to make Virat understand but meantime Palkhi came and didn’t let her explain Virat. Palkhi gets angry and then she tells Devyani to stop. Samrat scolds Pakhi and tells her to understand Devyani trauma. Pulkit comes and handles Devyani, Sunny also consoles her. The nurse ask them not to talk in the hospital.

Aßhwini prays to God to for Sai health. Doctor ask Samrat to call Virat soon as it’s getting late. Ahead Virat reaches the hospital. Sai friends doubts Virat and her in-laws and decides not to allow Virat meet Sai. They block his way to meet Sai, he ask them to move but they didn’t allowed him to go near Sai.

Doctor gives Virat the concern letter and tells him they were waiting for his signature to start the surgery just because the condition of survival is just fifty fifty. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Virat still signs and ask them to start the operation. His boss request Sai friends to let Virat see Sai as there was misunderstanding between them and he has all right to see her.

Devyani comes and blames Virat for Sai critical condition. Virat says whenever something bad happens with Sai everyone blames him. Devyani says that she already told him not to stay away from Sai or something bad will happen in theor life. Sunny holds Devyani, Pulkit ask Sunny to take Devyani to home and he will be informing her at home. Devyani is not ready to leave still Pulkit request her to go with sunny.

Virat prays to God that everone blames him for Sai critical condition, he ask God to get Sai well soon. He also promises that he will never scold Sai again. Ashwini comes and tells him never to leave Sai away from him, whenever they both goes away from each other one person suffers, he gets flash back. Samrat tells them that doctor has asked for some medicine, he is going to bring if something happens call him.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Virat waits near the operation theatre. Palkhi comes and tells him that Sai will be fine and ask him not to take stress. She ask him to keep talking with her, he says that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Palkhi tells him that it’s Sai who was misbehaving with him. She left the house without informing anyone and if something happens it’s not Virat fault. He says that last time when Sai accident happened it’s his fault but this time it’s not his fault. He tells her that if Sai is in pain he also feels the same

Precap- Samrat sees Virat and Palkhi together, he taunts them for being close to each other. Pulkit ask Samrat to arrange blood for Sai as her condition is critical.

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