Imlie 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with the Tripathi’s sitting on the dining table with Anu’s family. Nishsnt tells Adithya that everything is ready and asks him to go with Imlie. Adithya says he will come now. Malini asks him where he is goung and asks him to eat. Adithya saya that it is more important for her to eat. Malini wonders as to why she has done soo much if the date is supposed to happen anyway.

Adithya comes to Imlie and asks her what she is doing with the fake notes. Imlie asks him to say what he is thinking. Nani asks him to say to which Adithya says not infront of her and asks to talk with Imlie. Adithya asks Imlie ro come with him and it’s a surprise. 

On the dining table Malini is looking to which Anu asks her what happened. Malini says that she failed to stop Imlie and Adithya date. Anu says that she will do something. 

Nani eavssdrops on Adithya and Imlie. Imlie denies to go with him. Nani asks her to listen to him. Imlie says why she should listen to him whdn he never did. 

Imlie comes and sits on the dining table with Methi. Anu says she has dons a mistake by coming here and says he will not let her go. Nishant asks Adithya why did he come bsck to which he says she said she don’t want to come with him. Nishant asks him to stop saying dialougues and asks to write a letter for her. He says he will give the letter to her. Adithya writes the letter. Anu gets up from the chair. Adithya writes the letter. He tells hin that he is leaving and asks him to send Imlie. Anu hears them. Nishant comes to Imlie and asks how is the food. Anu comes there and says she will feed her. Everyone looks at her shocked. Anu says she tricked her and she won so it is her punishment. She asks Nishant to sit. Imlie denies to eat. Anu forces her to which Imlie says they will eat together. They both eat the food in a funny way. Anu thinks that she won’t be able to eat for two days. Malini thinks the same. 

Sundar brings the food items to the table. Adithya says hope she will understand him. Sundar says that he should say for her to understand. Adithya says he will say but then asks will he say. Sundar says he has an idea and he will become Imlie and asks him to practice. They both do the act. Adithya asks him who is Imlie’s favourite actor. Sundar says Shah Rukh Khan. Adithya acts like SRK and apologises. Sundar says he is not SRK to which he says she is not Imlie as well. Sundar says he will help him. 

Imlie 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Nishant gives the letter to Rupali and asks her to give it to Imlie. Rupali asks Nani to give it to Imlie. Nani calls Imlie and asks her to eat from her hands. Nani tries to tell her what is in it and hands it to her. Imlie opens the letter and reads the message. Imlie snatches the spoon from her and feeding her, leaves from there saying she will come. 

Sundar asks Adithya whether he understood. Adithya says whatever the words. Sundar asks him why he is talking about months back things. He asks hin to talk about funny moments. Malini comes there and says she wants to eat and she has been feeling suffocated. Sundar says it is not for her and she asks him to leave. Adithya says it is not good for her. Malini says that her doctor didn’t deny. Imlie says the doctor will say that. Doctor says he has already told her that she can’t go into smoky places. She denies saying he didn’t say to which Adithya asks her why she is soo irresponsible and says she got a call from him. Malini says she didn’t remember. Doctor says now he is here and asks her to come so that he can check her. Malini thinks that she won’t go leaving them alone. The Screen Freezes On Malini. 

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