Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Nimmo giving gift to Saroj. Guneet asks them to stay for two or three days more but Kuljeet says that customers would be struggling if he doesn’t open the shop. He asks about Pritam and Soni says that he left somewhere in the morning. Amrita asks why would they want to meet him for which Kuljeet says that he just wanted to bid goodbye to him. Amrita asks why would they need to say to him when everyone asks her to let go off her anger as he’s innocent. Guneet says that Police beat him a lot and he too said a lot to him. He says that even Angad slapped him. Everyone gets shocked hearing it when Angad says that he was so angry which is why he reacted that way. Amrita gets doubtful that how would they let him go just like that for which Guneet says that he was there the whole time and Inspector got a call because of which he realized that the culprit is caught. He also says that they informed on the way the same and left them home with respect. Amrita is still not convinced. Kuljeet says that he fought with him and so wanted to bid goodbye with a hug but its OK.

Rathi checks the bag. Pritam says that he returned the bag and asks him to forget whatever happened due to the dress. Rathi says that he already forgot that but how could he forget that he got arrested by police. Pritam proudly says that he’s a murderer. A goon points gun at him and asks how did he get away so easily from the charges. Rathi doubts him to be a police but Pritam laughs it off. He asks if he’s police whether he would’ve brought the rdx back to him which could kill so many people and asks him to use mind. Rathi says that he will give Westside and Pritam leaves while Rathi says his men that he could smell that he’s a police.

Kabir is in call with Dolly when Meera comes there. He speaks about baby shower ceremony and cuts the call. Meera is about to leave the cabin when Kabir asks her that whether she is jealous that everything went well. He asks why does her father wants to put them down every time. Meera warns him to not say a word about her father and recalls how excited they were to attend the ceremony but they insulted him. Kabir says his act was definitely to put them down. Meera says if that’s the case why would he get a job for Angad. Kabir gets surprised hearing it. Hey asks if she’s saying true for which Meera cries that they wouldn’t know how much happy they were to come there. Kabir consoles her and asks her to smile. He says that he will inform to family that Angad got his job due to KK but Meera asks him not to as he immediately will leave his job. They patch up. Shetty comes there and asks Meera why she’s crying. He asks if it’s because of Kabir but Meera says it’s not. He says that he’s leaving for a meeting and leaves.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Kuljeet gets emotional recalling Karan so does Amrita. Saroj gives a credit card to Amrita for her use but Amrita gives it back saying that she doesn’t need it. She says that Karan leaving them is painful for them but she’s actually proud of him. She asks them not to worry. They take their leave and Kuljeet jokes about Pritam. He asks Guneet to once again think about sending Amrita to their home for delivery but Amrita refuses. They all leave. Mansour asks Pritam why did he give the rdx to Rathi but Pritam reveals that its fake. He says that before he could find it they would’ve gone completing their job. He notices drugs selling and Naveen is buying it too.

Precap : Shetty brings Dolly to office. Kabir says to his family that his job is gone. Angad shouts at him for getting job by blackmailing. Amrita slaps him.

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