Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Esha apologises to Pallavi for breaking the plate but Pallavi says it’s okay and asks her not to touch those broken pieces then goes to tell Raghav they are waiting for him but Raghav stops her and tells that he will handle him hereafter. Pallavi leaves the place. Mr.Dasari tells Raghav that their deal is finalized. Raghav asks Mr.Dasari what is Esha doing with him. Mr.Dasari tells that Esha is his Vastu consultant. Raghav tells Mr.Dasari that he is cancelling the deal because he don’t want to work with people like Esha. Everyone gets shocked. Mr.Dasari says to Raghav that this is not a game or something they can back away in the last moment. Raghav tells it’s his business and showroom so he can do whatever he wants and asks Mr.Dasari to leave. Esha says that they can leave. Esha looks at Raghav but he refuses to look at her then she leaves with Mr.Dasari. Farhad asks Raghav what is he doing because of this they may not able to give the crown which they have to give it on time the money they will loose it and he may end up in prison. Raghav tells Farhad that they will arrange the money but they can’t do business deal with Mr.Dasari.

Mr.Dasari says to Esha that first Raghav was on his back to persuade him about the deal but now he is throwing away just like that and tells everyone is right about Raghav he is a crazy person but he won’t spare him and going to ruin his reputation but Esha losts in her own thoughts dosen’t listen to whatever Mr.Dasari is saying. Pallavi asks Raghav is the deal has been finalized or not. Farhad tells Pallavi that he don’t know why but first time he saw Raghav is cancelling a deal knowing well aware about the losses and consequences that too because of Mr.Dasari’s Vastu expert. Pallavi tells Farhad that she will talk to Raghav and leaves the place. Raghav in his room recalls his happy moments with Esha and the way she thrown him away. Pallavi comes there and give him his nightsuit then asks him the reason behind his decision to cancel the deal. She also tells that she met Esha who is also excited about the deal. Raghav tells Pallavi that she doesn’t know about Esha. Pallavi asks him do he know Esha. Raghav says yes and tells Pallavi that they are in the same industry he also asks Raghav to let him handle this in his own way. Pallavi doesn’t say anything.

Milind gives Haldi milk to Vijay who asks him do he remember. Milind says yes also tells if he dont take care of him then Sharda wont spare him. Vijay then asks Milind to sit with him and they can talk. Milind obliges. Vijay tells that often they do misunderstand people like how he misunderstand Raghav checking his accounts he realised that Raghav is indeed a good person who cares about others who is in need of money. But whenever he thinks that Raghav is the reason because of Mandar went to prison the brain and hearts thoughts are fighting and it’s a chaos.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Milind smiles and tells Vijay that soon he will understand everything and asks him to work with Raghav so that he will understand him even more better. Esha in her room recalls Raghav cancelling the deal and says that Raghav is same just like before but she can’t let himself put into the losses so she will do something. She then calls her brother and tells him that she needs a favor. In the middle of the night Pallavi sess Raghav is not sleeping so asks him the reason to.which Raghav Raghav tells that people are bothering him. Pallavi asks Raghav to wait she will be there in a minute and leaves the place.

Pallavi asks Raghav to have a drink but he can have only one glass. Raghav refuses saying that because of his drinking he is having health issues so he don’t want to drink. Pallavi says to.Raghav that nothing wrong is in his health she lied to him because she dont want him to drink. Raghav says Pallavi but Pallavi interrupts him and apologizes to him while closing her eyes. Raghav takes the drink and pour down in the ground. Pallavi gets shocked and tells Raghav that his limited edition of drink. Raghav takes Pallavi with him and tells her that she is his one and only limited person and asks her to be with him always. Pallavi hugs Raghav and tells him that he is her life. Raghav tells Pallavi that he loves her so much. Pallavi looks at him lovingly. The next day Pallavi brings breakfast to.Keerti and asks her to have everything also tells until Jaya returns she is her responsibility. Keerti thanks Pallavi. Pallavi asks Keerti is she know anyone name Esha. Keerti thinks to herself that Pallavi is not talking about Esha Madhavan right and tells Pallavi that she doesn’t know and asks her why she is asking but before Pallavi reply one of the worker comes there and tells that Raghav is getting into a heated argument with the officials so Pallavi goea there.

Raghav asks this officers when the contract is crystal clear how could they makes changes in the last minute and asks them who send them here. The officer tells Raghav that they got orfee from their higher officers but Raghav refuses to believe and tells that he knows who has done this and leaves the house. Pallavi follows him. Raghav goes to Esha’s house and asks her what’s her plan now also shows her the papers and tells her that he don’t want her favor. He knows very well what kind of a person she is. Esha tells Raghav that she is not understanding anything. Raghav strangles her throat and asks Esha to not to lie to him. Pallavi comes there and pushes Raghav away and asks him what is he doing. Raghav angrily looks at Esha.

Precap: Pallavi asks Raghav that how he knows that Esha is the one who helped him. She also asks why Esha’s presence is making him do all these things. She also tells Raghav that Esha left her job to which Raghav tells that she must have get better job. He then gets angry at Pallavi and asks her to stop defending Esha because she doesn’t know anything about Esha. Pallavi meets Esha. The latter tells her that she knows Raghav went through so much be cause of her they loved each other in their college days but they broke up. Pallavi gets shocked.

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