Pandya Store 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Shiva applying the vermilion for Raavi. Suman tells Raavi to take her to Prafulla after Goddess aarti. Rishita asks why. Krish tries to say the reason,. Family silences him. They perform the aarti. Shiva decides to get new clothes for Rishta’s surprise party. He sees Raavi coming out of the shop. She mocks him saying if he will do shop work wearing modern dresses and laugh. Shiva is about to leave getting angry. Rishita stops him. Shiva realises that he was hallucinating. Rishita asks what he’s doing here. Shiva says that he has come to bought dress for his friend’s Sham’s marriage. Rishita complaints that there won’t be any party for her sake, She wants to help Shiva to choose dress for his friend’s wedding. Shiva tries to refuse saying that Sham hasn’t come yet and he may get angry. Rishita convinces him and takes inside the shop. She gets him nice dress and says that it’s not wrong if he wants to groom himself for Raavi. He loves Raavi. Shiva cuts Rishita and denies it.

Rishita says that she loves and madness is needed in love. She asks Shiva to get himself coloured in Raavi’s love. Shiva says that Dev and Rishita often fought. Rishita says that she has left her house for the love she has on Dev and leave in their house where there is no bathroom. She gets him a suit and asks to get it. She also chooses casuals for Shiva. She asks Shiva to change himself for Raavi, maybe she will like her. Shiva says that changing oneself for others will be a lie. Rishita says that his feelings that are reflecting in his eyes for Raavi, which he refuses to accept as love, are true. She noticed the way he looks at Raavi. Moreover everything is justified in true love. She goes to bill the clothes. Shiva looks on.

Suman comes to Prafulla’s house. Suman invites Prafulla to the party organized evening. Prafulla agrees to come. Suman asks Raavi to tell the reason for the party. Raavi says that Suman found a girl for Shiva and wants to get Shiva married to that girl immediately after their divorce. She invited Prafulla to introduce her to that girl. Anita comes to the Hall and takes Suman’s blessings. Prafulla scolds Anita and taunts Suman. Suman says that she’s happy of finding a girl for Shiva, so she forgive her. Prafulla vows to get married Raavi on the same day when Shiva will get married shocking Raavi. She will find a best match for Raavi. Suman says that it’s not that easy to get Raavi remarried and advises Prafulla to get Anita married instead. Raavi says that marriage isn’t everything and Suman and Prafulla should understand this. Suman asks her to take her home.

Rishita comes back home and finds the lights off. She calls out Dhara and Raavi. Krish says that they all went at Kanta’s bhajan, he stayed back to fix the lights problem. He asks her to get ready. Rishita says that she knows that she has to do aarti only and gets sad. Shiva is looking at the new clothes he bought and wonders whether these will suit him or not, why he’s doing this. Rishita hears party music and wonders who is playing such music. Rishita goes to the hall. Krish and Dev come nad shout suprise. Family comes out clapping hands. Dhara says that they organized this party for her as she got job. Rishita thanks Dhara and hugs her. Other family members too hug them. Suman blesses Rishita. Rishita says that everyone is wearing party wearing, but she wore lehenga thinking it’s a puja and asks why they didn’t tell about the surprise party.

Pandya Store 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Family laughs. Krish says that if they have told her, it would have been a surprise party. Dev gifts Rishita new dress. Rishita gets happy and goes to change. Suman wonders why Reshmi hasn’t yet come. Rishita comes wearing the dress gifted by Dev. They share a talk and kisses her when no one sees them. Gautam gets a call and gets happy. He says that he wanted to surprise all of them, the lay out for Pandya store branch got approved. Family gets elated. They share a group hug. Suman says that they got happiness due to Reshmi’s arrival. Dhara says that she will pray for Raavi and Shiva’s relationship to sustain. Suman says that God will hear her and divorce will happen.


Gautam hugs Anita shocking Dhara and everyone.

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