Pandya Store 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Rishita asking with whom they are playing hide and seek. Shiva and Raavi request Rishita to not tell the family. Rishita says that her dad got blamed. Family comes there and asks Shiva and Raavi to come out. Rishita warns Krish to take her dad’s name with respect. Krish says sorry. Rishita then says to Shiva and Raavi to sort out their problem, they’re disturbing the whole house. She leaves getting angry.

Dhara says that Rishita’s anger is justified. It’s wrong to blame Janardan for everything happening in the house. She scolds Krish and asks to keep his mouth shut. Raavi clarifies that Shiva was urging her to sleep in the room and they hid on hearing Krish’s voice, nothing else happened. She goes to sleep. Shiva tries to walk out of the room. Krish stops Shiva and says that Shiva is the one who took Raavi in his arms. Shiva scolds him and walks out. Krish jokes and Dhara, Dev and Gautam burst out laughing. They all go to sleep.

Dhara goes to Shiva and says that he wants divorce Raavi and also he can’t stop worrying about her. She advises Shiva to stop lying and admit his feelings for Raavi and stop the the divorce. She asks about to think about it. Shiva nods ok. Dev comes to his room. Rishita throws a pillow on Dev and argues with Dev for always blaming her dad. Dev wants apply balm for Rishita’s headache and apologizes to her. Rishita shouts throwing the balm away. Dev says that he did a mistake and she told one should do mistake in return of another mistake. Shiva sees Dev’s clothes put to dry and recalls Raavi’s friend’s words. Shiva puts Dev’s shirt on himself and looks himself at the mirror. He corrects his hairstyle. Rishita sees this and goes back to her room.

The morning Pandya family is making arrangements for the puja. Suman scolds Dhara for lifting heavy plates. Krish says that he will do it. Suman prays for Dhara’s happiness. Dhara fills her hairline with Vermilion and asks Rishita to do the same. Rishita obeys. other fanmily members too come there. Dhara asks Raavi if she has to call her separatly. Suman says that if Raavi doesn’t want, she doesn’t need to do it as they’re going to get divorced. Dhara says that the divorce hasn’t happened yet, so it’s necessary and requests Suman to let Raavi do the ritual. Raavi has to do it for Shiva. Rishita says that they should let Raavi decide what she wants. Dhara asks Raavi what she wants. Rishita asks Raavi if she wants to apply vermilion for the relationship which is still alive in the paper or she doesn’t want to apply it for the relationship broken in the heart. She can’t understand they fought in front of everyone and then they met hiding. Suman reminds Rishta that she’s great mother-in-law.

Pandya Store 5th October 2021 Written Update:

Kalyaani gets hot water for his foot. Janardan fumes in anger recalling Gautam slapping him. He shouts at Kalyaani to leave him alone and pours the water. Kamini comes and says that they should teach Pandya for the wrong they did with him. Janardan says that he wants to take revenge. Kamini asks Janardan to keep his mind cool till that. Janardan says that he’s angry because he lost because of them, they two allowed Rishta to come home without his knowledge. Kamini says that it’s wrong to suspect his own family and says that Janardan got saved because of Rishta. She came here and fought for him against Pandya family. Janardan wonders why Kamini supports Rishta and doubts that they’re hiding something from him and gets determined to find it. He leaves. Kamini assures Kalyaani that everything will be fine when Janardan’s anger will calm him down. Kalyaani says that she doesn’t think he will believe them hereafter. Kamini says that he’s doing this for his business and we are doing it for their daughter.

Raavi prays to Goddess. She says that she can’t say what will happen with the relationship which is still alive in the relationship, but whatever they will get from Goddess, it will be a blessing for Shiva and her in spite of them staying together or separate. Dhara says that if she gave Vermilion to Goddess, she has to apply it as the token of blessing, but as Rishta said it’s Raavi’s wish. Raavi applies the vermilion. Family gets happy while Suman looks on. Dev says that it’s wrong, why only wifes has do everything, they have also to do something for them. Gautam agrees with Dev. Gautam applies Vermilion. Dev also does the same. Gautam asks if he will not apply vermilion. Shiva looks at Raavi.


Suman waits for Rashmi’s arrival. She wants to do Shiva and Rashmi’s engagement. Dhara says that she won’t let Shiva’s second marriage happen. Suman says that they will see it.

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