RadhaKrishn 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Krishna consoles Radha and asks her not to worry and let things happen according to fate. Radha thinks after death, love also halts. Krishna with Radha returns to sabha. Sam asks Jara to seek whatever he wants to from Krishna, Krishna will sacrifice even his life if he asks. Krishna asks Jara to seek whatever he wants to for his family without hesitation.

Jara kneels down and says Krishna knows everything about his family and as Achyut he promised to teach him archery to get back his ring. Krishna says he can seek anything without fears as its his right. Jara says Krishna is bonded by his promise, so he frees him from his promise and doesn’t need anything from him. Radha gets happy hearing that. Krishna says he is happy to have such citizens in his land and is proud of Jara. Everyone chant Krishna’s name. Sam gets tensed seeing his plan failing.

Krishna says Achyut made a promise and he will fulfill it. Radha asks if he cannot see her happiness. Krishna says the ring he took back from Jara is a symbol of love, promises are not broken in love; he will teach archery to Jara as promised. Jara praises Krishna. Radha gets tensed. Sam says he wants all citizens to stay back and accept their hospitality and seeks Krishnas permission. Krishna permits. Sam thinks he found Krishna’s killer.

Radha returns to her room sad. Krishna walks to her and says he cannot break his promise for love. Radha says his life is more important than her promise and she fears that her dream may come true. Devi Gauri hearing them asks Mahadev why can’t Krishna fulfill Radha’s plea and get her tension-free.

Mahadev says Krishna knows what is best for Radha, he doesn’t want her to see the future and get more worried. Devi Gauri asks if he thinks she will be worried if he is in a dilemma. He says nobody can forgo karma chakra, Radha Krishna came to world as a symbol of love and let us see what Krishna will do next.

RadhaKrishn 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Radha walks to Jara’s room with soldiers and maids. Soldiers wake up Jara. Jara threaten to shoot them. Radha says if he was a good archer, Achyut wouldn’t have promised to teach him. He asks if she is Radha, he heard how much Krishna loves her. She says good to hear his respect for Krishna; she shows him wealth she gathered in her whole life and asks him to take it and stop learning archery.

He remembers his wife insulting him and says his self-respect his more important to him than wealth as wealth cane be stolen but not knowledge, so he will gain knowledge and regain his self-respect by his wife and son; he promises her to fulfill her request whenever she has one. She gets happy hearing that, gifts him a ring and asks to keep it safely.

Precap :

 Radha tells Krishna that she wants to celebrate navrati festival. Krishna agrees. Sam tells Shukracharya that Jara in excitement will seek something from Mahakali that will end Krishna’s life.

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