RadhaKrishn 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Radha applies medicine on Krishna’s burnt hand. Krishna asks there is no use of applying medicine as she herself told that he acts and gives her pain when he applies medicine to her, she gave him pain and is applying medicine. She holds his feet and apologizes him. He asks her to forget her fears and spend his remaining days happily with him. She agrees. Sam walks to hunter Jara.

Jara asks who is he. Sam warns him to respect him as he is from royal family. Jara greets him and asks if he came to jungle with a reason. Sam says he needs hunter and will pay him huge money if he does his work. Jara asks what he should do. Sam hangs a moving target and says he will get 100 coins if he hits the target. Jara says all his problems will be solved with 100 coins and points arrow at target. Sam thinks if he shoots target, he is linked to Krishna or else he is waste for him.

Jara fails to hit target and apologizes Sam. Sam says he is of no use to him, but can keep a gold coin. Jara thanks him and says he never saw a gold coin in his life, then gets greedy looking at Sam’s coin bag and says a great archer Achyut promised to teach him archery. Sam asks who is Achyut. Jara describes Achyut’s features. Sam realizes its Krishna and asks if he can identify him if he sees him. Jara says why not, but Sam doesn’t know him. Sam thinks he knows and invites him to his party. Jara agrees. Sam thinks there is definitely some link between Jara and Krishna.

Sam organizes charity event for poor Dwarka citizens and tells Rukmini that he wants to distribute money among poor citizens via Krishna. Krishna with Radha enters. Rukmini briefs him about the event. Sam asks citizens to come one by one and accept charity from Krishna. Radha notices Jara standing among citizens. Sam thinks now it will be proved if Achyut is Krishna or not. Radha thinks her bad dream is coming true.

Krishna says he cannot break his promise made to Jara. Jara asks Krishna if he is Achyut. Krishna nods yes. People pull him behind to accept charity from Krishna. Sam addresses them that they must be happy receiving charity from Dwarkadhish, they can discuss their problems with Dwarkwadish as he is happy today and will clear all their problems. Citizens chant Dwarkadish ki jai.

RadhaKrishn 4th-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Radha takes Rukmini aside and informs that the man who was staring at Krishna comes in her dream and kills Krishna. Radha says that man looks harmless. Radha says its this fate that brought Jara here. Rukmini says many poor people have come here. Radha says Jara is getting near to Krishna, they should stop him and send him back. Rukmini asks how will they stop him in sabha.

Radha says she herself will do something and rushes back to sabha. A citizens requests a big house from Krishna, and Krishna agrees. Sam praises that Krishna and asks Jara to seek whatever he wants to. Radha walks to Krishna and says she needs to talk to him something important right now. Sam says a king cannot leave sabha like this. Krishna asks Radha if she can wait for sometime.

Radha says its important and is in Dwarka citizens’ favor. Krishna seeks permission from citizens, and they agree. He walks away with Radha. Radha reminds him about her dream and his promise to Jara and requests him not to make any new promise to Jara. Krishna says he as a king cannot break his promise. She asks what if Jara asks something which is unfavorable to her. He says whatever has to happen will happen.

Precap :

Radha via telepathy asks Krishna not to accept Jara’s demands. Krishna thinks he is bound by promise. Sam thinks if Jara asks Krishna’s life, he has to sacrifice it.

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