Tera Mera Saath Rahe 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Saksham asks Chirag to hold the box properly but Chirag tells that its heavy and he can’t able to lift and when they put the box in its place it’s about to fall but Gopika comes there and holds it before it falls. Saksham scolds Chirag for not acting like a grown up person. He then asks Gopika what is she doing here.

Gopika says to Saksham that she is here to use the washroom. Saksham tells Gopika and Chirag about the importance of the crown. Gopika also explains about the importance of each diamonds which impresses Saksham who looks at Gopika. Gopika smiles at him. Saksham then shows both Gopika and Chirag how the diamond shines. Both Gopika and Chirag gets mesmerised by its beauty. Gopika comes to the pandal. Uma decides to lighten up the Diya but Mithila stops her and tells that before lighting up all should clean their hands with Ganga water.

Ashi gives everyone the ganga water. Ramila gets an idea and smiles. Mithila lights up Gopika’s Diya and asks her to protect it saying she is a daughter in law of this house and she has to protect the peace and happiness of the family by protecting the Diya. Gopika obliges. Uma comes there and tells Mithila last time Gopika won the competition by going against the rules but this time her daughter in law will win the competition. Mithila asks Uma what kind of rule Gopika broke to which Uma tells instead of decorating the God’s idol she went ahead and made the new thing of bringing the rakshad idol alive.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Mithila tells her daughter in law is talented one and decoration is about everything not only about the God’s idol also tells that Gopika will win this round too. Uma leaves the place. Minal asks Mithila to ignore Uma. Baa gets worried and tells Mithila that its not necessary that Gopika will win this round too whether she is an educated or uneducated person. Mithila gets shocked.

Mithila tells Baa that she knows very well that she don’t want someone who is uneducated and scared of everything that’s why she went against everyone’s wishes and made Gopika as their daughter in law when she met her expectations so she dont agree with Baa’s words. Baa thinks about Gopika’s confession and thinks to herself that she is scared what will happen when the truth comes out. She then asks God to give her sign whether she needs to reveal the truth about Gopika to Mithila or not and leaves the place with Mithila and Minal.

Gopika tries to hold the Diya from going off. Ramila and Ashi comes there and closes the window. Gopika thanks them. Ramila wishes her a luck. Gopika tells that her way to wake her when she used to sleep is helping now. Ashi exchanges the Ganga water with Chemical. Gopika tells Ramila that she is going to win this competition not for her but for Mithila who loves her and guides her like a mother. Ramila and Ashi leaves the place.

Saksham comes to meet Gopika in the pandal and tells her that Mithila asked him to give her a juice so bring her the juice. Gopika gets happy and takes it from Saksham’s hand. Saksham then decides to leave and notices all are wearing a blanket and sess Goopika is trying to hide her shivering and trying to keep her warm so he tells Gopika that he will bring her a blanket but Gopika refuses saying it’s too late also she can handle this cold. Saksham then decides to put his Jacket on Gopika whuch surprises her then Saksham leaves the place.

Gopika sess Uma’s daughter in laws Diya is about to off she recalls Mithila’s words about the Diya’s value and wonders what to do. Mithila tells Baa and Minal that she is happy that they reached the pandal. Baa tells Mithila that she wants to tell her something important but gets interrupted when Uma shouts that Gopika is disqualified. Everyone comes there. Uma accuses Gopika and tells her that she went against the rules.

Mithila asks Gopika the reason to which Gopika tells that she knows it’s a competition but for the sake of competition she can’t let other house happiness and peace goes away. Other competitors asks Gopika is she also lighten up their Diya, Gopika says yes and apologises to them but they all thanks her for being thoughtful of their family’s happiness too.

Uma tells rules is a rules but other daughter in law’s tells they failed to protect their Diya so they are disqualified not Gopika. Judges also gets impressed by Gopika’s kindness and announces her as a winner. Gopika gets happy. Mithila blesses her. Ramila tells that she can’t wait to see the reaction of everyone when the truth is going to come out. Ashi and Ramila hifi each other and smirks.


Mithila tells unlike others who wants their daughter in law to be a scared less educated or not at all educated person but she found Gopika who is educated and brave and also suitable for her son Saksham. Gopika gets shocked and thinks that there is some misunderstanding so she decides to tell Mithila the truth. Mithila asks Gopika what she wants to tell her. Gopika goes towards Mithila to tell the truth.

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