Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th October 2021 Written Update:

Tiwari on phone with Mr.Gupta about hiring some people for computer I’m starting new business please do give number and hungs up. Angoori come and says did you ask for technician. Vibhu come and greets Angoori. Tiwari shouts and says no go from here. Vibhu says why are you being rude. Tiwari says because that’s how I talk to manner less people. Vibhu says to Angoori ask him why is being so rude. Angoori asks him. Tiwari says why arr you here.

Vibhu says I’m here for job. Tiwari says did I open any factory over here you are opening cyber cafe and you would require a computer Engineer so I’ll be a best choice for you. Tiwari asks from where did you pass. Vibhu says from Chapra University of 2007 batch. Tiwari says you did nothing you just know to fool around. Angoori says when he is saying he knows how use computer so hire him.

Tiwari says he don’t know anything. Vibhu says how can you say I don’t know how to operate computer. Tiwari says you are unemployed you don’t have monyto buy so from where did you learnt computer. Vibhu gets emotional and says to Angoori look how he is talking. Angoori says I think Tiwari is right so what I say is you should learn how to operate computer yhen we will hire you. Vibhu says yes and thinks now I’ll teach you a lesson Tiwari.

Anu in her bedroom recording for her grooming classes and asks Vibhu to shift because he is coming in frame. Vibhu says how long will this drama continue. Anu says you think this is drama I’m making videos for beauty tips which will help me to earn and want to help people too. Vibhu says I need to sleep now please stop your drama. Anu says you know what you are always involved in wierd jobs and apparently you are infamous too whole kanpur knos. Vibhu asks please don’t make me angry I’m already in stress.

Anu says and I’m responsible for that. Vibhu says if Tiwari didn’t gave me job am I responsible for that. Anu says you always disrespect Tiwari why will he give you job and you are also not perfect try to understand before blaming others. Vibhu gets annoyed Anu continue her video. Vibhu jumps in and tease and leaves.

Happu Singh in jail beating Malkhan and ask him tell me where is stuff. Malkhan says we don’t have anything. Happu Singh beat Teeka. Tillu says to Happu Singh you are enjoying. Happu Singh beat Tillu too. Teeka says we are like open book. Happu Singh says you three kind of book who has spoils the vibe of colony.

Tillu says we didn’t do all you also contributed in that and you are accusing us to become criminal. Teeka says one time let us get out then we will tell you. Happu Singh says you are trying to threaten me, I’ll not spare you a bit. Manohar come running stop it sir or else they will be ruined. Happu Singh are you there angle. Manohar says they are not the victims real one are caught, if you did something bad with them it would have cost you. Happu Singh says then what we should do. Manohar says release them.

Happu Singh says you are ordering me and sya to TMT listen boys, why are you staring me what I did. TMT throws anger at him and says we will complaint about you to Commissioner. Happu Singh says to Manohar it was your idea you told me yo beat them now tell why did you gave me this idea, because of that they get beatun up. Manohar says when I gave this idea. Happu Singh sees him with anger.

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Everyone in Tiwari house for inaugration in cyber cafe. Angoori asks Anu to cut the ribbon. Anu says why me I’m not a celebrity. Tiwari says you are Star for us. Angoori says Ammaji is not here so please you cut the ribbon. Vibhu says to Anu come in cut the ribbon they are requesting you. Anu says I’ll cut the ribbon on one bet I want you to cut with me. Pandit says what now its not the time first keep 11000rs only then you can cut ribbon.

Tiwari give him 11rs money. Vibhu mocks him. Angoori ask him to give. Anu and Angoori cut the ribbon. Saxena says congratulations for opening such an old fashioned cafe. Prem and Gupta give Angoori best luck for business. Masterji says I’ll send my son overe here. Pelu wishes Angoori his best wishes in a long english paragraph Vibhuti reads it to everyone. Everyone stunned near tea stall discussing about Happus bad behaviour. Tillu says do you want to talk revenge. Teeka says I’m ready to kill him. Malkhan says I’m ready to choke him. Tillu says I have something running in my mind. Malkhan says what. Tillu says Angoori bhabhi cyber cafe will play major role for us.

Tiwari on computer looking at Bhabhijis page and praises her page and says I’ll comment on her page because there is a connection between us. Angoori calls Tiwari nad goes to her asks what were you thinking I heard something. Tiwari says now we have one cyber cafe we will have soon more in many locations. Angoori gets happy. TMT come and greets Angoori and Tiwari. Tillu asks Tiwari how’s your cafe running with my three months salary. Angoori says to Tillu don’t you worry I’ll return your money back.

Tillu says when you are here no need to worry. Tillu says you did ine good job after opening cyber cafe for bhabhi. Tiwari shouts on them. Angoori says why are you shouting they are my customer. Malkhan asks Tiwari how much do you charge. Tiwari says its 1000rs per hour. Angoori says he is kidding its 50rs per hour but you are our first customer so its free for you. Tiwari says this is not how business works.

Tillu says we won’t let her down take here is advance. Tiwari says do you know how to use computer. Tillu says remember I opened your social media account three years back and which has bhabhiji as password. Angoori asks why bhabhiji. Tiwari says because you’re Tillus bhabhi. Angoori says you sit here I’ll bring pakida for you. TMT go and sit. A man come in black dress and asks Tiwari is this cyber cafe. Tiwari says who are you. Man gives him 200rs. Tiwari says go and sit.

Anu reading comments on her page and replying them. Anu says Tiwari commented. Vibhu gets up and asks what undergarments seller wrote. Anu says why do you disrespect him. Vibhu says now you are taking his side he also do same would you like yo put some light on that. Anu says no but Angoori also calls you with different name. Vibhu says she is innocent. Anu says Tiwari could also be. Vibhu says he is not good pery. Anu says now please let me read comments and Anu reads Tiwari comment and gets happy.

Precap :

Anu says to Tiwari were you drinking while commenting on my video. Tiwari says no I was sober. Anu shouts at him and says go from here.Angoori and Vibhuti in cyber cafe dancing.

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