Ghar Ek Mandir 5th October 2021 Written Update:

Maharaji requests Genda to come to.his inauguration, Genda says I would love too but you just heard me talk to Papaji about Diya, Maharaji says as Mahalakshmi wishes, Genda sees Mahalakshmi idol in Maharaji’s hand and says such pretty idol, Maharaji says it’s my mother’s blessings and Mahalakshmi is mother to everyone and I have no one she will fulfill a families requirement, it would be good if you would be there too. Genda says I do want to but I cant and leaves.

In Agrasen Maharaj’s temple, Mahalakshmi pooja is held, Babaji addresses devotee and ask Kundan and family to start with Aarti, Babaji asks is everything ready, Kundan says yes, Babaji tries to open temple door but unable too. All confused, Babaji asks Kundan to hold the plate and tries pushing the door. Kundan asks whats wrong,

Nisha asks Manish, Manish says I don’t know. Devotees say this is a bad sign, this has never happened that door didn’t open, Babaji says there is no wrong happening, the door is not opening because something is missing in plate. Varun checks it and says everything is good. Manish asks Varun about necklace.

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Genda in house, does pooja and prays to Mahalakshmi for Maharaji, she sees Mahalakshmi idol in Maharaji’s room and remember him say he will inaugurate shop with pooja of Mahalakshmi. Varun tells Kundan he forgot necklace, Babaji gets angry and says go get it quickly. Varun leaves. Genda says this is not good, he already has no one, what should I do how can I inform him. Genda hears her phone and sees its Varun’s, Varun asks did you do diya, Genda says yes. Varun says get necklace and come quickly don’t argue and disconnect the call. Genda confused on what to do first.

Maharaji sets his shop, he has different type of lotus, Maharaji is asked by vendor why only lotus, Maharaji says its Navratri and everyone will perform Mahalakshmi’s pooja, vendor says now a days only gold and money pleases Mahalakshmi in pooja. Maharaji says God wants her devotees to be peaceful and happy and delicate like this flower.

Genda carrying idol and necklace says to auto to wait she will drop idol and come back. Genda gets call from Varun, she says she is on the way will come soon. Varun informs everyone Genda is on the way with necklace. Babaji scolds them for being negligent, Devotees start questioning and say this is bad, Babaji blames Agarwal’s for their negligence, Kundan says to Varun you can’t do one work properly. Varun hopes Genda to reach soon.

Genda sees Maharaji’s shoo with different types of lotus, and looks around for Maharaji but doesn’t find him, Genda keeps idol in its place prays, Mahalakshmi disguised as human walks to Genda and asks for lotus, Genda says shop isnt inaugurated yet and shop is not mine sorry. Mahalakshmi says you do the sthapna and sell me flowers, Mahalakshmi says okay I am leaving but its not good that first customer walks away, how bad the person whose shop is feel. Genda says but I am in rush, Mahalakshmi says finish with work you have in hand. Genda says okay I will do sthapna,

Genda gets call from Varun, she says how can I pick in middle of sthapana, and does so, she prays for Maharaji’s success. Genda leaving, Mahalakshmi saysy flower, Genda says sorry I forgot, and gets a lotus flower but drops in Mahalakshmi feet by mistake, she bends to pick it, Mahalakshmi thinks Genda my blessings are with you, you are Mahalakshmi and your devotion will bring good back. Mahalakshmi hands Genda money and says your first earning. Genda thinks where Maharaji must be. Maharaji walks to Mahalakshmi and says won’t you bless me you are my first customer and Mahalakshmi in true sense bless me and touches her feet. Mahalakshmi smiles and bless him for sucess.

Genda scolds Maharaji for his negligence, Maharaji says calm down don’t scold so much and don’t worry Mahalakshmi will fix everything, Genda says here is your first earning, Maharaji says keep this as Mahalakshmi blessings you did first sale and here is Lotus from my behalf in Pooja. Genda says okay and leaves

Devotee start shouting for delay. Babaji says Kundan this is so wrong when will your necklace arrive. Varun thinking where is Genda. Genda rushes in with necklace.

Ghar Ek Mandir 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Varun scolds Genda for being late. After receiving necklace Babaji tries to open door but still it doesn’t. Genda places lotus in her hand near the door and tries open it.

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