Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th October 2021 Tiwari calls Angoori to bring breakfast. Angoori come downstairs in panic says I’ll give you in 2 minutes. Tiwari says but you are coming upstairs. Angoori says I was using washing machine just wait eill guve your favourite paratha. Angoori gets call from vegetable vendor and says yo him send some vegetables, green spices and ask to send it through your kid I won’t be able to pick up and hungs up phone. Angoori remember she didn’t closed the tap and run to close it.

Tiwari asks for his breakfast again, says its not her fault she already do many work. Angoori brings tea for him and says wait I’ll get your paratha. Tiwari says I have told you first complete your work then give ke breakfast. Angoori brings pratha for him and faints. Tiwari gets panicked and shouts someone please call doctor.

Vibhu brings coffee for Anu and says I have heated this coffee second time won’t boil it third time. Anu says you will have to boil it again if I ask ans give him look. Vibhu says no doubt about it and ask her what are you doing. Anu says I’m launching my blog on social media, Anita bhabhi and beauty tips so that we will get reviews and money.

Vibhu says do it. Anu says but you have to support me. Vibhu says how can I support me am I beautician. Anu says you have to be with me, support me and ask him to heat coffee again.

Ammaji, Tiwari, Gupta and Angoori in bedroom. Gupta do medical check of Angoori. Ammaji asks Gupta whta is wrong with her. Gupta says I’m doing my checkup. Angoori says to Tiwari tonight I’ll cook paratha with chutney for you. Tiwari says she is saying only one thing what’s wrong. Gupta says from her marriage till this date she is having only one schedule of cooking food and asks Ammaji whenever you talk to her on phone where is she most of the time. Ammaji says she is in kitchen mostly.

Gupta says yes you have to change her routine. Tiwari says to Gupta but she loves to cook food. Gupta asks them to change her routine and make her do work which she never did before. Ammaji says lets open an ayurvedic shop for her. Tiwari says Angoori is not that smart she will mex match medicine. Ammaji asks Gupta tell what we can do. Gupta says make her open cyber cafe and this will be cure from her routine because that will be something from her routine and can make her right dur to change in work environment. Ammaji says to Tiwari open cyber cafe for her. Tiwari says its costly.

Angoori says I’ll make paratha for you Tiwari. Ammaji says to Tiwari see she is not well come here and listen. Tiwari goes forward and Ammaji slaps him says I’m ordering you yo open cyber cafe, do as Gupta is saying now go today itself.

Anu making Vibhuti clean walls. Tiwari walks in and laugh at Vibhu. Anu asks Tiwari so how did you come today. Tiwari says we got a small happiness in our life. Vibhu hear and run towards Tiwari with broom and says I don’t accept that happiness you are trying to make bhabhi’s figure look bad. Tiwari says what rubbish are you talking I never thought of this. Vibhu says you should not think of this because you are not fit to become father. Anu says what are you saying. Vibhu says I was just joking. Tiwari mocks Vibhu. Anu says will you tell me what you are talking. Tiwari says Angoori was getting bore in house and so thought of making her happy so I opened cyber cafe for her and gives her sweet.

Vibhu holda Tiwari hand in between and eat that sweet and says I can make her eat and give sweet to Anu. Anu congratulate Tiwari and says I’m happy for both of you. Tiwari says I’m inviting you for inaugration ceremony please do come and don’t bring not so useful people. Anu says don’t worry we will come and I’ll edit my videos for grooming classes at your cyber cafe only. Tiwari gets happy and says I’ll comment on your video. Vibhu mocks Tiwari. Tiwari gets up to leave and warn Vibhu not to look near around cyber cafe. Vibhu says I’ll not come. Tiwari leaves. Anu says wht are you doing a new job was coming to our house and you didn’t look for that.

Vibhu asks when job was here. Anu saya Tiwari is opening cyber cafe that is of computer and you have knowledge of it. Vibhu says I’m topper in computer science and know so much about them. Anu says but you had fight with Tiwari or you could have secured a 20000 job. Vibhu thinks this is the best opportunity to teach computer to Angoori. Anu asks what are you thinking. Anu says don’t worry I’ll apologize to Angoori and she will hire me.

Angoori in kitchen talking on phone with Bhuri. Vibhu walks towards her. Angoori says to Bhuri I called you yo give a good news and asks what could be it. Angoori says Bhuri no I’m not pregnant the news is Tiwari is opening new cyber cafe, opening business for computer now we can see eachother on video call, will call you back later and sees Vibhuti says when did you come. Vibhu flirts with her and congratulate her for cyber cafe. Angoori says Tiwari is opening for me because Gupta told them I have to change my daily routine.

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Vibhu says I came to know and I have a small request, I’m a computer engineering so can rectify all your bugs if any in your computer’s. Angoori says then talk to Tiwari. Vibhu says he looks for cheap people but I’m not cheap, but you look for talented people. Angoori says its fine but Tiwari always doubt my decision he gets angry whenever I take any decision and when he will learn I chose you he will get angry. Vibhu says you are the boss whatever you do will happen, if you wish I’ll get job says your tea is very hot. Angoori asks will you have tea. Vibhu says yes. Someone shouts something have tea with us too. Vibhu says that fool is here I may leave now.

Tiwari outside house says to Pelu go and stick this pamphlet in each and every corner of Kanpur. Pelu gives him slip saying how much I’ll get. Tiwari says I’ll give you 500rs. Pelu give other slip saying 5000rs. Tiwari says I’ll give you 1000rs per month and this shop is of Angoori not mine. Pelu give other slip saying I respect bhabhiji or else could have taken 5000rs only and leaves. Saxena come to Tiwari and says I have MSC degree of computer science from Japan and completed numerous diploma from American,

Paris, London and Australia and I was professor of computer science in California University but they were not paying me well these are my degree sir. Tiwari says you have great portfolio so according to this I’ll offer you a job of security guard. Saxena says I’m very grateful for that but what will be my salary. Tiwari says 5 slaps per day. Saxena says what about shock. Tiwari says that we can only one to you it’s quite difficult to find nude wire in Kanpur. Saxena says same package Russa is offering me, what you can do is give me 7 slaps per day and 2 shocks. Tiwari says okay get to work.

Happu Singh brings TMT tied to rope. Tiwari asks Happu Singh what happen. Happu Singh says these boy’s are getting advance they are stealing things. Tillu says to Tiwari we did nothing. Malkhan says tell us do we look like thief to you. Teeka says Happu Singh trouble us because of his uniform. Happu Singh says is some more people like you come to this colony then its gone. Tiwari says to Happu Singh they can be mad but cannot steal. Happu Singh says I saw CCTV footage they stole money. Tiwari asks did you see there faces in footage. Happu Singh says no. Tiwari says then there could be possibilities it was someone else look alike. Teeka says you are right Tiwari. Tillu mocks Happu Singh. Happu Singh mocks them and take them police station.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhu says to Tiwari that you are opening cyber cafe and yoi would need an computer Engineer and I’m the fit candidate. Tiwari mocks Vibhuti. Vibhu thinks I’ll teach you how much I know about computer.Vibhu says to Saxena you are hacker so I need some help from you. Saxena says I stopped doing this. Vibhu says I bought a chair which give shock for whole 24 hrs.

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