Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode starts with Ahilya asking why didn’t Malhar come. Gangoba comes and asks them to start the Jashan, Malhar won’t come, he is busy in an imp work, he has gone out. Khanderao says I knew it. Ahilya says we want to start the function when he is here, we will wait for some time until he returns.

Khanderao says let it be, he chose what was more imp for him, he knows whom to give more imp. Dhana ji and Gunu ji smile. Tukoji welcomes the guests in the Jashan. He says Malhar’s prince has completed his studies and came back home after 7 years, this function is kept to welcome him, we will start it, 21 suhaagans will do his tilak first. The women come. Khanderao welcomes them. The rituals are done.

Gautama gets upset and cries. She worries for Khanderao. Malhar waits to meet Nana Saheb. He says I will soon go back for the Jashan. The musicians sing in the Jashan. Khanderao says I think you expected a lot from this Jashan, I know him well, he is my dad, this Jashan is a pretence to show that his son came back after completing studies, his work is imp for him, not me. Ahilya asks him not to say so. Malhar is still waiting. He gets restless.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Gangoba says Malhar couldn’t come, but he has sent something as a gift for his son. He brings the sword. Khanderao says Malhar can sit at home and get all the work done, but he gets others here to bless his son. Gangoba asks Khanderao to come. Khanderao opens the sword box. He sees the sword. Everyone claps.

Khanderao raises the sword. Everyone chants his name. Khanderao keeps back the sword. Tukoji shows the gifts for Khanderao. He says Tukoji, I want to say something, I know its a ritual to gift a prince, I respect your emotions, I want your blessings, not gifts, if you all permit, then I would like to donate these gifts to the poor and helpless people. Everyone claps for him. The man says Yuvraj is really a great man. Ahilya and Gautama smile.

Khanderao says I have to keep many responsibilities, my dad has served the people so well and have raised all your hopes, I don’t know if I can fulfill your expectations, I will fight for Dev, Desh and Dharm till my last breath, I will work really hard for Malwa, it will be my Dharm, duty and life. Everyone claps. Khanderao says first comes Malwa and then the family, I don’t know if I can walk on the path shown by him, I promise, my feet will never leave the ground. The people chant. Malhar reaches the palace.

He runs to the Darbar to attend the Jashan. Gautama stops him. He asks about the Jashan. She says Jashan got over, you got late as always. He says don’t say this, I didn’t go for my happiness, but for my work. She says work will keep coming, but such a chance will come by difficulty, we have seen this day after a long wait.

She says you have explained your son well that he doesn’t matter to you, you have many imp works, everyone was happy in the Jashan and congratulated Khanderao, but he was looking for you in the Darbar. She cries. She says he was so hurt, I know his pain, his bitterness and complains got high for his dad when the time passed. She says you don’t need to clarify, maybe you had an imp work, I will tell you one thing, if you are right on your place, if Khanderao gets upset with you and tells something, then he is right on his place, you can’t prove him wrong. She goes. He gets sad.


Ahilya finds Khanderao gone. She looks for him.

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