Tera Mera Saath Rahe 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with in the morning everyone stands infront of the temple for puja. Mithila asks Gopika is she ready for the puja. Gopika tells Mithila yes so she asks her to clean her hands with Ganga water. Gopika obliges and goes towards the place where the chemical bottle is kept instead of Ganga water. Ashi asks Ramila that Gopika won’t die right. Ramila tells Ashi that her hand will get burnt which she used to it already but think what happens when Mithila learns the truth and smiles at Ashi.

Gopika cleans her hand with the chemical the goes to the temple when the priest tells her that they are getting late for puja. Mithila asks Saksham to join Gopika. Saksham obliges. He then feels there is a weird smell but he ignores it. Gopika tries to fire the matchstick but fails then Saksham gives her another match box. He once again feels the smell is coming near by him only and realises it’s from Gopika’s hand so he stops Gopika from lighting the matchstick.

Everyone gets shocked. Mithila asks Saksham what happened. Saksham asks Gopika what she used to clean her hand. Gopika gets confused and tells that she used Ganga water. Mithila calms down Saksham. Ramila and Ashi comes to Gopika and smells her hand and tells that it’s an inflammable chemical she used to clean her hands instead of Ganga water. Mithila asks Gopika why she didn’t read the label before using it. Ramila and Ashi smiles at each other. Saksham asks Gopika to answer the question.

Baa interrupts and tells that Gopika can’t read. Everyone looks at Baa confusedly. Baa then shows the chemical bottle and tells there is no label in it then how its possible for Gopika to read. Ramila and Ashi gets shocked. Mithila asks Gopika to wash her hand and take rest the come to the pandal. Gopika obliges and leaves the place.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Ashi tells Ramila that its their perfect plan to expose Gopika’s truth and make her leave the house but everything went down hill. She also tells Ramila that she knows very well there was a label in the bottle but dont know how it’s not there now. Baa comes there and asks Ramila why she didn’t tell Mithila that Gopika is not someone who is brave and educated person like how she thinks but scared and uneducated person. Ramila gets shocked she then acts and tells Baa that she may not be a mother of Gopika but she don’t want to snatch the happiness of her so she didn’t told anyone the truth.

Baa tells Ramila that she understands. Ramila asks Baa is everyone in the family know this to which Baa tells no also she is the one who removed the label from the bottle. Baa then tells that she wont reveal the truth to anyone but the day the truth comes out no one can able to face Mithila’s wrath and leaves the place. Uma scolds the thief for not stealing the crown yet. She also asks them to go to the house because everyone in the family is here so it’s a perfect time for them to steal the crown. The thief’s agrees and goes to the Modi’s house.

Uma tells that she can’t wait to see the humiliation Mithila is going to face. The thief’s enters the Modi house and tells they have only one room left to search and opens the room door but gets shocked seeing Gopika is sleeping so they decides not to make any noise and enters the room. The thief’s takes the crown from the box. Gopika gets a nightmare of her and her father and screams which leads the thief’s to drop crown which falls inside a bag.

Gopika wakes up and tells that she is scared now so its better to go to the pandal and takes the bag with her in which the crown is. Those two men who tried to steal the crown says to one another that they have to follow Gopika and leaves the place.

Uma asks the men whether they have steal the crown yet or not. The thief’s tell Uma they steal the crown but before they could tell what happened Uma leaves the place happily so those two men decides to find Goopika who has the bag in which the crown is. Mithila asks Gopika that she is ready for the puja right. Gopika says yes. Uma comes there and asks Mithila to make Gopika honor the God by making God’s idol wear that Crown.

Mithila asks Uma is her health is okay. Uma tells Mithila that her daughter in law won the competition so there is no need to delay this from happening. Mithila tells everyone that her daughter in law Gopika is a person who is Sensible Brave and Educated person unlike old times where the family wanted a daughter in law for their house to be either uneducated or studied a little also a scared one she wanted her son to marry a girl who is brave and educated person and that is Gopika.

Gopika gets shocked and wonders why Mithila is talking like this. She then looks back at Baa and recalls Baa’s earlier conversation with her and thinks Mithila will never lie then why she is going to say such things that too infront of everyone and decides to talk to Mithila. Gopika goes towards Mithila but Baa takes Gopika away from everyone. Gopika asks Baa is everyone in the family thinking about her the way Mithila described her.

Baa nods her head yes. Gopika tells Baa that she written a letter before marriage about herself and thought everyone knows the truth. Baa gets confused and asks Gopika which letter she is talking about. Gopika gets shocked. She then asks Baa that means all this while she got respect and love based on this misunderstanding. Baa says yes. Gopika gets hurt and looks at Baa.


Gopika gets kidnapped by the two men. Seeing them taking Gopika away from them Thejal tries to stop but fails so she goes and informs Mithila. Baa tells Mithila that Gopika is a scared also an uneducated girl. Later Saksham and Mithila fights with the goons. Saksham falls unconscious. Mithila asks Gopika to wake up. The goons mock Mithila. Mithila asks Gopika why she didn’t tell them the truth before marriage. Gopika cries. Mithila calls Gopika a liar.

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