Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Mirza and Mishra families exchanging their identifies with each other and practicing each other’s culture and language. Ye Dunya Ek Dulhan..

song plays in the background. Brij says he is suffocating in sherwani. Sakeena says even she is feeling suffocated in sari. Shanti complains next. Mirza says if he goes out, people will think he is pandit and give him charity. Mishra says let us practice language. Mirza says he is expert. Mishra asks him to pronounce a word. Mirza fails.

Shanti and Sakeena’s arguments start. Mishra says only Mishra, Mirza and Sakeena need to speak and rest can be silent. Manager calls Mishra and informs that he wants to give money to its original owner and will question both his and evidence’s families. Mirza and Mishra families get tensed hearing that.

Mishra says Mirza needs to learn pure Hindi as Ramesh’s grandfather was a big pandit and manager would expect Ramesh at least to know a bit of Hindi. Noor says its difficult to learn whole language, so they will learn what is necessary. Brij teaches Mirza and Sakeena how to greet Namaste humbly.

They both make mistakes at first, but then learn it. Noor then teaches Mishra and Shanti to greet Assalamualaikum. Mishra and Shanti fail at first and then pronounce it fluently. Brij says they will practice remaining words tomorrow.

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After sometime, Shanti practices assalamualaikum in front of mirror when Mishra walks in and asks her to let him also practice it. She scolds and sends him away. Same thing happens with Mirza. Next day, Noor and Brij teach them how to invite guests to sit. Their drama continues. Finally, they decide to learn Hindi and Urdu via books.

Mishra and Shanti practice pure Urdu looking at book while Mirza and Sakeena practice Hindi. Noor says they can’t look at book in front of manager. Sakeena says they will not. Their practice continues when manager calls Mishra and informs that he is visiting his home tonight to check his identity.

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