Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Shanti waking up after getting unconscious and tells Mishra that looks like they will not become crorepati. Mishra asks her to have patience. Noor says they need to bend their finger if ghee doesn’t come out. Shanti says even with that, they can’t do anything before 20 days. Mirza says they should bribe manager instead and get their work done.

Shanti agrees and asks him to accompany Mishra. Mishra asks if she doesn’t trust him. She scolds him to shut up. Mirza asks her not to worry, he will set things right. Mirza and Mishra then reach bank where a man is brutally beaten for trying to bribe manager and having a fake aadhar card.

They return home and discuss with family what they just saw. Mirza’s servant Ashiq suggests to exchange their identifies with Mirza acting as Mishra and Mishra acting as Mirza and giving evidence in Mishra’s favor. Mirza and Mishra deny. Bapuji requests them to agree and share money once they get it. Mirza and Mishra continue arguing and get adamant. Shanti and Sakeena discuss how to convince Mishra and Mirza.

Sakeena says someone must have frightened Mirza not to act as Mishra. Shanti says they will be convinced if whole family exchanges its identity. Sakeena agrees. They both discuss their idea with Mishra and Mirza who say its impossible to mimic each other because of their cultural differences. Brij says wherever they need to, they are same like in school and army. Noor tries to convince Mirza. Shanti and Mirza then threaten them and they agree finally.

Shanti buys suits and Sakeena buys saris and ask Mishra and Mirza to pay bills. They both fume and ask to buy simple ones, but Shanti and Sakeena deny and give excuses. After sometime, Sakeena brings mangalsutra and says she will wear it for Mirza. Mirza asks its cost, and she says its worth 20000 rs only.

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After sometime, Mishra wears kurta pajama while Mirza wears kurta and struggles to wear dhoti. Noor helps Mishra wear skullcap and soorma while Brij helps Mirza wear dhoti and tilak.

In market, Dr Kooda tells Bittu that Mishra and Mirza haven’t visited their shops yet. Bittu says they must be crying at home seeing their aadhar cards. Majnu walks to him and says he has a big news for him. Bittu gives him a coin as reward.

Majnu demands 2000 rs. Bittu agrees to give it later. Majnu informs him about Mishra and Mirza exchanging their identities and practicing to fool bank manager and grab wealth. Dr Kooda says Bittu should inform this news to manager. Bittu says he will at the right time.

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