Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th October 2021 Written Update:

Episode started with Bhim Rao asking Ramji to calm down. Bhim Rao was only assigned to buy books. Ramji had taught Bhim Rao his entire life just to escape traps of people like Joshi. He even taught him in the same college as Joshi. He won’t be able to sustain himself seeing Joshi, because his son Bhim Rao was working for him. Ramji went inside, Coughing. Bhim Rao recalled her mother’s wish to see him as an officer. He remembered his father’s advice, Ambedkar Guruji, his family’s ambitions for him.

Next morning, Bhim Ro went to Joshi to tell him that he won’t be working for him anymore. He was substituting Ramji’s place in his absence; he didn’t want Ramji to get upset because of his work. Joshi refused, he threatened Bhim Rao.

Bhim Rao went to find another job. Rama inquired him. Rama later informed Ramji. Ramji and Puranjan went to search for Bhim Rao, he wanted him to focus on his education. Anand thought that things would get better between Bhim Rao and Ramji, but prevailing situations were against them. Anand decided to find a better job, so that Bhim Rao could resume his education.

Puranjan requested Ramji to be polite with Bhim Rao, he suffered a lot in past days. Bhim Rao was convincing a manager for job, he said to have knowledge and experience about the work. The manager sent him inside. Ramji stopped Bhim Rao, asked him to cut all ties with him before started his work. He didn’t allow Bhim Rao to lean forward, asked him to listen to Ramji from a distance. Ramji asked him not to care about him anymore. The manager asked if Ramji was Bhim Rao’s teacher, who taught him.

Ramji taunted for teaching Bhim Rao a lot more. Bhim Rao said that Ramji was most important for him. Ramji asked him to leave his work and study. Bhim Rao refused. Ramji asked him to choose between work or his father. Bhim Rao decided to leave his work but refused to study as well. he wanted to earn enough to return Manjula’s chain. Bhim Rao sworn on his father. Ramji was disappointed at his son. Puranjan asked Ramji to leave. Bhim Rao requested Ramji to rest, let him work. Ramji questioned if Bhim Rao cared about his wishes, his desired and dreams. Puranjan took Ramji home.

Rama was crying. Daliya amma inquired. Rama’s siblings were thrown out of the house, they were asked to live with Rama. Rama wasn’t crying for herself but Bhim Rao. He must have been hurt; he loved his family. Bhim Rao took care of everything. She knew that Bhim Rao wont step back from his decision to work. They heard some voice, went outside to look. It was Pushpa’s birthday. Jijabai announced for a celebration.

Daliya amma said that there were a lot of people to let Bhim Rao and Rama down. Jijabai wanted to celebrate Bhim Rao and Rama’s exit from the house. She asked Rama to devise a solution and save father-son relation.
Joshi came to Bhim Rao. He told the manager that Bhim Rao used to stroll a cart for him. Bhim Ro replied that Joshi was his classmate, had some beef with him. Joshi said that Ramji used manage budget for him, created many troubles for him. Bhim Rao must be asked to pile dirt instead. The manger did the same. Bhim Rao refuted, as he was capable for more. The manager asked him not to waste his time.

Puranjan asked Ramji not to refute Bhim Rao’s decision, he was no longer a child. Ramji was stubborn, he wanted Bhim Rao to study and study only.

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Joshi asked Bhim Rao to return to his work. Bhim Rao refused, he left the job for a specific reason. He accepted to pile dirt. Joshi asked him to take of his coat. Since Joshi was Resham Seth’s nephew he had the power to become Bhim Rao’s manager as well. Bhim Rao was asked to take of his coat.

Jijabai was decorating the neighborhood. Hitesh said to be celebrating Pushpa’s birthday and Bhim Rao’s decision to do a job.
Ramji was having a severe headache. Puranjan asked him to rest, he was suffering through fever. Fishpond would worsen his condition. Ramji refused as he came to work. he went into the pond.

Bhim Rao took of his coat. left it on the floor. Joshi rubbed it against he ground with his foot.

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