Ghar Ek Mandir 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Genda rushes to Varun with necklace, Varun gets angry and says how did you take so long, Genda says I had to go Ucha Mahajani. Varun scolds her says are others important to you then family, enough you have insulted us again. Varun hands Babaji necklace, Babaji says noe look how the doors open. Babaji tries opening door but it doesn’t open. Kundan asks what now, now you even have necklace, Nisha thinks if now you don’t open door this necklace is gone.

Babaji says this door wont open, Genda in tears. Babaji says because of your daughter in law, God is upset, Kundan says what can we do, Babaji says let me think, Other devotees ask to do something. Genda thinks I didn’t want to come but had to and again everyone is upset and I am wrong and I am happy this door is not opening, I don’t want see you just wanted to give this flower.

Genda prays God I am sorry if I am really at fault, accept this flower and forgive me. Genda keeps flower at the door and touches door to take blessings and it opens. Shivam says look door opened, Babaji and others at shock. Shivam says it looks like the sign Maharaj uncle spoke about. Other devotee praise Genda and says Agarwal’s are so lucky to have a daughter in law like Genda may all get daughter in law like Genda.
Maharaji in his shop says I will give you your respect back Genda this is just the start.

Genda walks inside temple and remembers she thinking she won’t go to temple, Genda stands in front of Agrasen Maharaj idol and others go to Mahalakshmi idol, Genda remember her insult and thinks I know what you are upto and all your teachings no one follows it or else Varun insult me. Varun says Babaji this necklace won’t be needed, Babaji says this is for pooja, Varun says Mahalakshmi gave us sign that she is happy with lotus and not necklace we all saw that.

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Babaji says you are innocent, Other devotees agree with Varun. Babaji hands necklace to Varun, Genda says Papaji I am going home, Kundan asks why, Genda says I will arrange food for others. Kundan says because of you this pooja is taking place so you will stay in the pooja. Babaji gives aarti to Kundan, Kundan says Varun and Genda from today you will look after the house, and this responsibility starts with this Pooja. Nisha whisper to Manish look what is happening, Manish says I understand everything.

Suman walks to Anuradha and asks what is this, Suman asks where did she get this lotus from, a lady tells her about Maharaji’s shop.
Gopal walks to Maharaji and makes fun of his business, Maharaji says things take time, you see this shop will surely work, will you have flower, Gopal doesn’t take flower and says I will send you money, people start coming and asking for lotus, Gopal asks why do you want, they tell Gopal about temple incident. Gopal says all this is superstition. Crowd starts increasing. Gopal gets call from Suman, she asks him to get lotus from Maharaji’s shop, Gopal denies, Suman warns him and asks him to get lotus. Gopal sees big line and stands in it for flower.

Mahalakshmi aarti begins in temple. People make fun if Gopal for buying lotus after criticising it. Gopal asks Maharaji for lotus, Maharaji says I only have one and I also told you my business will work it just takes time. Gopal says it was your lucky day. Maharaji says you going temple right, I will accompany you, Gopal says what about your shop, Maharaji says worldliness is bigger at times lets go

Babaji says Kundan pooja is done now I shall leave, Kundan says okay, Babaji asks for Dakshina. Kundan hands him packet, Babaji asks for necklace, Kundan says but, Babaji says it was part of pooja, which means it belongs to God and for God means Panditji, Maharaji walks in and says you did a miracle, you did what you said, this pooja is miraculous, Babaji says I proved myself, Maharaji says you are wrong, if Mahalakshmi has accepted lotus how come this necklace is yours, Babaji says Kundan why do you insult me by this man, here is your money and walks out.

Maharaji stops Babaji and says I told you Mahalakshmi accepts whatever her devotees give, Babaji says so you calling me greedy, Maharaji says I don’t have right to say this wait, Genda get Bhagwat Gita from temple. Genda gets it and hands it to Maharaji. Maharaji says swear on Gita and tell us Babaji you didn’t have any greed in this pooja.

Precap :

Varun says here is your necklace no one will ask for it, Genda says why didn’t you think of this before you took it away from me, you didn’t even ask me once, now I don’t want it, Varun says don’t stretch the topic, Genda says you scolded me in front of everyone, you upset me but I was quite.Mahalakshmi says to Maharaj Agrasen, Genda is Lakshmi she needs her Vishnu, Maharaji says my Lakshmi won’t be alone her husband will stand by her.

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