Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th October 2021 Anu and Vibhuti in bedroom. Anu reads Tiwari comment and says your comment got viral. Vibhu says I to commented. Anu says yes I seen nice video, you comment 10-20 lines on friends video and for me only nice video. Vibhu says no way I never do that. Anu says are you jealous that Tiwari wrote such a good comment or person like Tiwari is active on internet.

Vibhu says I’m not jealous but do you remember I wrote a comment on Saroj bhabhi photo that you are awesome looking, you’re the most beautiful looking women in town and you left the chat without telling me. Anu says so you also left my friends group. Vibhu says all your friend are rich and mess with me all time, one time I uploaded a photo and one of your friend says looks like you are in debts. Anu says that was funny one now let me look at my comments let me bask in my glory. Vibhu thinks I’ll look at this Tiwari commenting so much, illiterate.

Vibhu goes outside and ait on stairs says to god this Tiwari has disrespect me so much now please give me one chance I’ll teach him a lesson and show how to disrespect them. Saxena on call with Mr. Williamson discussing about his job in FBI for compy hacker and hungs up call. Vibhu standing behind him says I heard whatever you were talking. Saxena says so what. Vibhu says I’ll tell everyone that you work for FBI as hacker. Saxena says I’m ready to shout that I work in FBI. Vibhu says I heard what you were saying on call but why were you talking in hindi.

Saxena says sometimes I talk to him in bhojpuri, they are FBI people they can talk in sanskrit too, yoi tell what do you want. Vibhu says actually you are hacker and I have a job for you. Saxena says I stopped working. Vibhu says I bought a chair that charges with solar energy in give current. Saxena says where can I buy that. Vibhu says it’s my friend business one chair is ready and I want to gift you. Saxena says okay in return you want me to do something. Vibhu says yes.

Anu and Tiwari in garden doing morning exercise. Tiwari says to Anu I loved your video clip which you upload yesterday. Anu says when saw your wrote I knew you liked it so much it was so beautiful comment all my friends impressed of that, your way of comment is so interesting, you choice of words your thoughts that’s amazing. Tiwari says its all because of combination. A man sleeping on bench snoring.

Anu says you will love my next video too and I want you to comment on this video too in pur hindi. Tiwari says don’t worry I’ll comment and it will go viral with your video. Anu says yes cannot wait anymore and leaves. Tiwari goes to man and ask what you doing. Man says sleeping. Tiwari jogs and go.

Vibhu walking on street. Angoori looking staring at something. Vibhu come and ask Angoori what happen is everything fine. Angoori says no I’m very confused. Vibhu says there is only one reason you buied a ship everyone come take free ride and go. Angoori says where did I buied ship. Vibhu says I knew you will give that answer,

why don’t you do one thing learn computer it will be useful for you because many people come and take advantage of you being nice. Angoori says I also want to learn but who will teach me. Vibhu says I’m a topper from Chapra University and did my education in computer science and I’m gold medalist in that. Angoori says so good I’ll learn from you, you are intelligent so come and teach me. Vibhu says sure I’ll come to teach you.

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Angoori Saxena and Vibhuti in cyber cafe. Vibhu asks Angoori so lets start. Angoori says yes and Saxena come start seeing them. Vibhu asks Saxena what are you doing here. Saxena says same thing that you are doing. Vibhu says I’m teaching here computer. Saxena so do it I’m not holding your hands. Vibhu says so sorry I forgot there is a short circuit happen behind afheem kothi where you can find nude wire with 11,000 volt of electricity, what do you think about it. Saxena says I’ll come in sometime and go. Angoori says comeon Vibhuti now teach me computer.

Vibhu says sure you know what is this, this is mouse. Angoori gets scared. Vibhu no need to scared this is mouse which is kind of heart of computer and flirts with her. Angoori asks what button is this. Vibhu says this is shift button and flirts with her again and says this is control button. Angoori what is this big button for. Vibhu says its for space and flirts with her and start imaging that he is singing and dancing for Angoori. Tiwari come and shouts on Vibhu. Vibhu didn’t give any response so he butes him.

Vibhu asks what are you doing here and disturbing us. Tiwari says this is my house and you are saying this to me. Angoori says to Tiwari he is my teacher. Vibhu says I’m a computer Engineer and a gold medalist from Chapra University. Tiwari says why are you ruining your university name. Angoori says what are you saying and can’t you see he is teaching me computer. Tiwari says can yoi shift I have to comment on Anita’s video because she always wait for my comment and she loves my comment so much and says I love your comment, Tiwari shouts on Angoori an Vibhuti and ask them to leave.

Commissioner, Manohar and Happu Singh in police station. Commissioner says to Happu Singh and Manohar that Kanpurs security is our responsibility. Happu Singh says you are so involved in your job that you forget you have wife and she is also your responsibility. Commissioner says this shows a hard working police officer. Happu Singh says correct, I met your wife few days back she told me you don’t see anything when it come to safety but she also told me that from last three months you didn’t touch her, it made me touchy. Commissioner says you should get in touch with people and tell me all the comments from our police website. Manohar open computer and asks Happu Singh to please read people’s comments. Happu Singh says why are you so excited.

Commissioner says then way are you not and mocks him. Happu Singh says first comment is from hira narayan market by jeeta contractor saying why is your commissioner always shaking. Manohar laughs. Commissioner ask him to read further. Happu Singh reads it and says its from afeem khoti by Jagdish saying why don’t you keep Manohar as inspector in place of Happu Singh, Happu Singh is someone who takes lot of bribe why don’t you kuck him out of there. Commissioner laugh and Manohar says nuce suggestion. Commissioner says what do they want. Happu Singh says these all people are asking for a song. Commissioner says is this police station or radio station and ask him to read further. Happu Singh asks Manohar to read further comments. Manohar says Amar Akhbar Anthony commented Commissioner if law is your big blanket then Happu Singh is a big hole in it and read further. Happu Singh says what are you talking.

Manohar says I’m just reading comments. Commissioner says read further. Manohar says okay and read Happu Singh us a person who takes lot of bribe and we have evidence for that. Happu Singh gets angry and says they are making fun if me I’ll do encounter of everyone. Commissioner says whoever say against you, you will encounter him and ask Manohar to find person who wrote this and if it comes out to be true then Happu Singh I’ll take your star’s.

Precap :

Tiwari commenting on Video.Anu reads her comment and gets a negative comments.

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