Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Charmi getting scared of the ghost. She tries to see the face of the ghost but her dress got stuck and she turns to release it. When she turns back, the ghost gets disappeared. She becomes frightened and thinks about Gunjan. She goes away from there and sees a shadow. She follows it but then realises that it is Parul. Meanwhile, Parul gets concerned for Charmi and ask her to take rest. She says that she is getting negative vibes, while Parul ask her not to worry about Rajvi and assures that she will come back. At that time someone knocks the door, making Charmi afraid.

Here, Darsh also comes there and says that who can come late at night? He along with Parul and Charmi moves to open the door. Charmi moves out of the door, while Darsh and Parul closes it immediately. Charmi gets scared and ask them to open it. Whereas, Darsh thanks Parul for supporting them in their plan. He remembers the flashback when he told her about Charmi’s truth.

Bansuri comes to Rawals house and meets Charmi. She says that she is feeling weird and getting a vibe of Gunjan. At that time Darsh opens the door and Charmi hurridly moves inside. Bansuri says that she isn’t getting good feeling and can sense Gunjan’s presence. She states that Gunjan is trying to say that she is back to take her revenge. Charmi gets scared, whereas Nandini keeps looking at them from aside. Later, Darsh ask Bansuri to stay with them and denies to believe about Gunjan’s ghost. Whereas, Parul takes Charmi inside her room asking her to take rest.

Elsewhere, Shobhit confronts Nandini that if Charmi have hidden Rajvi. She tries to explain him and says that she can understand that it’s difficult for him to believe. Shobhit gets shocked learning that Charmi have intentionally killed Gunjan, while Darsh comes there and ask Shobhit to trust them.

Vipul and Chetan takes Toral to the doctor. The doctor says that they have to show pictures and creates scenes to make Toral remember her past. Vipul ask of there is any sort of danger? To which Doctor says that he will handle the situation and assures them that there won’t be any such situation. He questions Toral about Vipul and Rawals, while she replies correctly. Vipul ask her to tell about Rajvi, whereas she keeps asking to bring Nandini. Doctor says that he needs more time with Toral.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Ahead, Shobhit cries and apologises to Darsh stating that they have to face so much because of him. Darsh hugs him and consoles. They also notify him that Charmi isn’t pregnant. He gets shattered and goes to confront her, but Darsh stops him. Shobhit worries about Rajvi, whereas Darsh assures him that she would be fine. He ask Shobhit to help them in their plan and act in front of Charmi.

Charmi hears Gunjan’s voice and gets up from her sleep. She gets scared and becomes shocked seeing a warning written on the mirror. Meanwhile, Darsh and Nandini keeps an eye on her. Shobhit comes there and acts that he can’t see anything written on the mirror. He ask Gunjan to sleep and questions that why is she getting scared? She goes along with him, whereas Bansuri immediately cleans the mirror.

Further, Charmi gets dumbstruck seeing the clean mirror. She looks at the window and found it close, she states that it was open, while Shobhit denies it. She says that she will sleep with Vini and Parul, but Shobhit ask her not to disturb their sleep and makes her lay down with himself. She still feels afraid and moves out of the room, while Shobhit calls Darsh and informs him about it.

The doctor keeps trying to make Toral remember something. She tells about the wall, while doctor ask Vipul that there is something related to the wall. Vipul says that the wall Toral is talking about is closed since a long time. Suddenly, Toral gets an attack and starts screaming. Doctor gives injection to calm her. Meanwhile, Vipul decides to take her back to home and notify about it to Chetan.


Nandini confronts Charmi about her ill-deeds, while latter confesses her love for Darsh. She says that she don’t regret anything and can do everything for Darsh. Rajvi gets shocked and then slaps her.

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