Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with Desai’s waits for Gehna. Praful asks them that what if Gehna is in any trouble. Hiral asks him to not worry saying that Gehna will return soon. Gehna comes there. Everyone gets shocks seeing the bandage on her head. Hema tells them that she will close the door because what if neighbour comes to attack them and closes the door. Gehna reveals that she is working as taxi driver and she met Sagar coincidently and he ran away from there after attacking her. Jamuna tells Gehna to get some rest. Gehna leaves from there.

Jamuna tells others that Gehna still believes that Anant will return. Kanak tells her that Gehna became mad and Anant died easily but they are suffering because of him. Jamuna asks her to not blame Anant and if the latter has any problem then she can leave. Kanak thinks that she will leave after taking her share.

Next day, Praful blesses Gehna. Lawyer Naveen comes there. Kanak reveals that she called him for partition. Naveen tells Desai’s that their image damaged beyond repair so partition is best option for them. Kanak asks them to think about Kids situation too. Jamuna gets frustrated and agrees for partition. Naveen tells them that papers are ready and asks Praful, Jamuna and Gehna to sign on it. Gehna refuses to sign on it. Kanak thinks that she will throw her out of the house for sure.

After some time, Gehna reaches the place where she felt that Anant saved her. She is about to meet with an accident while chasing one guy. Radhika saves her and scolds her. Gehna tells her that she saw Anant. Radhika tells her that the latter must have hallucinated.

Gehna tells Desai’s that she saw Anant and she feels that Anant is in some secret mission again that’s why he is not coming in front of them. She tells Kanak that there is no need of partition because Anant will return soon. Kanak asks her to stop behaving like crazy because Anant won’t return. Chetan tells Gehna that Anant died so he won’t return. Jamuna slaps him and Gehna runs from there. Kanak asks Jamuna to make Gehna understand that Anant died otherwise she will become mad soon.

Gehna cries seeing Anant’s picture. She hallucinates Anant and then he disappears. She asks him that where he went and why he is not coming in front of others. She asks him to prove that he is not her hallucination and cries. Kanak comes there and apologizes to her for hurting her. She tells her that she should not have said those words to her. She screams. Jamuna and Hema comes there.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Kanak goes to Jamuna and tells her that she came to apologize to Gehna but Gehna tried to kill her. Jamuna refuses to believe her. Kanak asks her to show Gehna to doctor and leaves from there. She thinks that she will prove that Gehna is mad. Later, Gehna attempts to attack Sagar but it turns out to be Hema. Everyone comes there hearing Hema’s screaming. Kanak suggests them to take Gehna to doctor.

Precap :

Gehna gets admitted in mental asylum.

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