Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Pritam sending his friend to catch the druggies but they escape. Mansour warns Pritam that he’s playing with risk. Pritam asks doesn’t he trust but Mansour says that he’s not worried about him but Sakhuja’s who may land in danger. He says that Amrita already angry with him. Pritam praises Sakhujas and Amrita for being too good heart and promises that no harm will happen for them. Mansour suggests him to move out of there but Pritam refuses as he’s very close to his aim.

Nimmo and Guneet discuss about Amrita’s happiness. Guneet flirts with Nimmo and Amrita comes there. He tresses them. They discuss about left over ration. Nimmo says that they are finding happiness in left over items. Amrita says its not wrong. Nimmo says about Amrita’s father suggestion to treat her in private hospital but they are not in a situation to afford it. Angad scolds them for always worrying about money as now both he and Kabir are earning and will take care of everything. Amrita hugs him.

Kabir is working in office when Meera asks him about dead body but Kabir hides it. Shetty finds Dolly having golgappas outside and gets shocked. He calls Kabir and says the same. Kabir panics and says that he’s just hallucinating him and convinces him about the same. His Boss too agrees and believes that it’s his hallucination. He finds Dolly is not there anymore and thought Kabir was right. Kabir calls Dolly and warns her about Shetty. She finds him and starts hiding seeing him. She gets into a car to escape from him but it turns out to be Shetty’s car. They both gets shocked seeing each other.

Amrita scolds Kamli for talking about pg. Amrita finds her father’s kurta and starts crying getting emotional. Pritam comes there and finds her crying. He keeps asking her the reason but Amrita asks him to mind his business. He calls Beeji and says that Amrita is crying. They all come there and ask about it. They realize that Amrita was emotional recalling her father and laughs. Pritam scolds himself for overreacting. Kabir is asking his friends about covering the dead body. Meera asks him about it but he diverts the topic with Baby shower pictures. Shetty comes there and praises Kabir. He says his act must’ve published in news paper. Kabir believes that he’s actually praising him until he calls Dolly in. Kabir gets shocked seeing him.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Precap :

Kabir says to his family that his job is gone. Angad shouts at him for getting job by blackmailing. Amrita slaps him. Guneet cries to Dadaji that how they are gonna pay 1 lakh to Kabir’s office and also he lost his job.

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