Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Charmi going out of the house, while Darsh says that he will follow her. Shobhit stops him and says that he will do it and goes behind Charmi. Meanwhile, Bansuri says that Charmi must have hidden Rajvi somewhere outside, whereas Nandini and Darsh agrees. Charmi smirks sitting inside the car and remembers how she have seen Nandini keeping an eye on her. She states that she knows they are doubtful at her and wants to expose her. She declares that she don’t get affected by the fact that Nandini knows her truth and concludes that she was only scaring her by being Gunjan’s ghost. She states that she will get what she wants and drives away from there.

Here, Vipul takes Nandini inside Toral’s room and confesses that he knows her from a long time and they only have left her in the hospital for her treatment. Nandini questions about the relationship of Toral with Rawals, to which Vipul states that he will tell her everything but after finding Rajvi. He requests her to get to know about the wall which Toral is taking about.

Nandini remembers Toral talking about wall and standing in front of it inside the closed room. Whereas, she notify Vipul about Charmi’s truth. He gets shocked, while Shobhit comes there stating that Charmi came back and is sleeping inside the room.

Elsewhere, Nandini takes Toral inside the room and ask her that if she have seen Rajvi? Toral stands in front of a mirror and keeps looking at it. Nandini couldn’t able to understand anything. Meanwhile, on the other side Charmi smirks and remembers the flashback where she learned about the secret door behind the mirror.

Parul and Chetan makes a plan to stop Charmi from going towards Toral. They plan to engage her in something, while she hears their plan. She ask Parul to eat with her and as latter goes inside, she leaves from there and kept a speaker there with train sound playing on it.

Ahead, Toral gets mad hearing the train sound. While, Chetan and Parul tries to stop it. Parul goes to help Nandini and moves the mirror. Everyone gets shocked seeing the secret door. They gets inside it and becomes dumbstruck finding Rajvi in an unconscious state. Nandini helps her and makes her stand, while Toral keeps remembering her past.

Darsh sits inside his car, while Charmi makes him unconscious from behind. She starts driving his car and says that she have done so much for him but he never able to understand her love. She declares that if she can’t live with him, then she will die along with him. She confesses all her crimes, while suddenly Darsh wakes up. He says that even he can play games and states that his family have found Rajvi. Whereas, Charmi gets shocked.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Further, Rajvi apprises everyone how Charmi made her unconscious when she got to learn about her truth. She apologises to Shobhit and then ask about Darsh. Later, Darsh comes there along with Charmi. Nandini confronts her, while latter confesses her love for Darsh. Shobhit shows his disappointment towards Charmi, while she says that she was pregnant but lost her baby long ago. She declares that she lied to them about being pregnant to get Darsh.

Rajvi gets furious and slaps Charmi. She states that she will make Charmi pay for her sins. Meanwhile, Darsh makes her hear the confession which he have recorded. Charmi gets shocked hearing it, while everyone looks at her.


Toral identifies Rajvi and tells her name. Darsh questions Rajvi that how Toral knows her? Vipul tries to handle the situation but Rajvi stops her. She notify Toral that Darsh is her son.

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