Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Pallavi asks Esha is she okay. Esha nods yes. She then asks Raghav is he crazy just for a business deal but Raghav intervenes and tells it’s not a business deal then stops himself from saying further then glares at Esha and leaves the place. Pallavi apologises to Esha for Raghav’s behavior. Esha tells that she is getting late for her work and she is alright so Pallavi decides to leave the place. Pallavi thinks why Raghav is having so much problem with Esha. Farhad talks to someone on the call about Esha hearing Esha’s name Keerti thinks is she the same Esha she is thinking. She then asks Farhad what happened. Farhad explains everything to Keerti who gets shocked and wonders is she the same Esha. Pallavi comes to the house with Raghav and asks him why he is thinking that Esha is the one who behind the government officials change their decision to give him time. She also asks why he has so much problem with Esha.

Raghav tells Pallavi that he knows Esha well that they studied together in the college and she doesn’t care about anything other than money. Pallavi asks Raghav to think about his business which will face the losses because of his impulsive decisions but Raghav asks Pallavi to let him do what he want in his business also tells Pallavi that he don’t want to work with Mr.Dasari also he don’t care because of this he has to go to the prison. Pallavi gets shocked before she could say anything Raghav leaves the place. Pallavi tells that he is so stubborn but she can’t let his behavior affect his business so he has to do something.

Vijay works in his house with the laptop. He shows that to Milind who comes there and tells its Work From Home for him. Then they both hears a notification sound but Vijay doesn’t know how to use so Milind opens the mail and talks about Raghav’s client who sent an email saying that he liked the designs which Raghav sent him also he has given a part of money for the orders. He also told in that email that he wants to meet Raghav in person and if everything went well then he will give Raghav an opportunity to make jewelry for the marriage which is going to happen in few months. Vijay tells it’s a good news and he is going to tell this to Farhad. Sulochana comes there and asks Vijay why he is happy for Raghav.

Vijay tells he is happy for the company which he is working then leaves the place. Milind warns Sulochana to not to instigate Vijay against Raghav. Sulochana gets angry and leaves the place. Pallavi comes to Mr.Dasari office. She thinks to herself that she will talk to Mr.Dasari may be if it works out she will make sure Raghav behaves in a professional way. Pallavi goes near the office room and sees Esha giving the resignation letter to Mr.Dasari. Esha tells Mr.Dasari that she wants a break from everything so ask him to accept her resignation also she asks him to do the deal with Raghav saying its important for both the companies when Mr.Dasari asks Esha is she doing this for Raghav. Keerti goes to Raghav and tells him that Pallavi asked her is she know who is Esha. Raghav gets shocked and adi’s Keerti Keerti what she told to which Keerti tells that she dont know sho she is. Raghav says to Keerti that he toldPallavi they are college mates then why she lied to Pallavi that she doesn’t know Esha.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Keerti asks Raghav is Esha is only his classmate and then asks him why he lied to Pallavi..she further says why he is reacting like this way seeing Esha if he has already moved on. Raghav tells Keerti that he moved on but the haterness he has for her is still there. Keerti asks Raghav to not to spoil his business because of this also asks him to tell everything to Pallavi. Raghav tells Keerti why everyone is advising him about his business and tells that he dont want to talk about Esha to Pallavi. Keerti tells Raghav that she and Pallavi had differences which they are sorting out she decides to accept Pallavi as her bestfriend and sister in law who domt like her husband so she has the rights to tell Raghav to not to do this to Pallavi and his own business and never let Esha affect him this way and leaves the place.

Pallavi waits for Esha outside Mr.Dasari’s office. Esha gets shocked seeing Pallavi thete who tells her that she wants to talk to her. Esha agrees. Pallavi says to Esha that Raghav told her everything about them. Esha gets shocked and asks everything. Pallavi says yes she then asks Esha why she is resigning the job. Esha tells Pallavi that Raghav is stubborn and he doesn’t listen to anyone that’s why she made the officials change their decision to give him some time but he domt want that too. Raghav has already gone through a lot because of her she can’t let his business spoil because they were a couple who loved each other but broke up. Pallavi gets shocked and asks a couple? Esha asks Pallavi she is the one who told that Raghav told her everything right and gets worried. Raghav thinks about Keerti’s words. Pallavi comes there and asks Raghav is Esha is his ex girlfriend. Raghav gets shocked and then tells Pallavi yes. Pallavi asks Raghav why he is reacting like this if its only his past. He is ready to go to the prison and there Esha resigned her job for him.

Raghav tells that Esha is doing that for her own benefits. Pallavi tries to defend Esha but Raghav shouts at her. He then feels guilty so he hugs her and apologizes fo her. Pallavi makes Raghav sit and tells him if he wants he can talk about his past. Raghav tells Pallavi that Esha and him fall in love with each other but one day she came to him and rejected him saying he is going to marry a person who is rich. That day he broke and changed his mind about women and money. He then tells Pallavi that he dont want to go through that same pain and seeing Esha bring back those memories. He then puts his head on Pallavi’s lap. Pallavi puts her head on Raghav’s shoulder who looks teary eyes.


Raghav tells that she is right money is to fulfill their need and takes a gift box in his hand and tells that today he will put his Ego in his pocket and leaves. Pallavi buys a watch for Raghav and goes to meet him happily. She then gets shocked seeing Raghav gifting Esha and turns around with tear filled eyes.

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