Imlie 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begjns with the doctor telling Malini that he has told her not to be careless because she has Asthma. He asks her whether shr knows the situation of her lungs. He asks her to come with him so that he can do her check up. Malini thinks that she won’t gp leaving them alone. Malinu asks doctor what is the emergency and tells him that she will meet him tomorrow. She tells Imlie that she has uselessly called the doctor. Imlie thinks that she was right that Malini doesn’t care for her baby as she is not ready to go for a check up even after her this situation. Adithya tells her that Imlie has done the right thing by calling the doctor. Adithya asks her to go for her check up. Rupali says she will come woth her.

Malini thinks that she is happy that he is cominh with her as well. Rupali says to Adithya that he doesn’t know anything and takes Malini with her. Adithya remembers Sundar words seeing her alone and tells her that she is looking beautiful today. He trlls her that hr wants to take her somewhere. He pretends like he is on a bike and asks her to sit. She looks at him suppressing her smile. She sits. He says that they didn’t go to the real drive henve this. He asks her whether she sat and asks to go. He stops and says Good Evening and pulls chair for her to sit. Imlie smiles and does as asked. He says it is pleasure to have her with him. He then becomes the waiter for her then. He asks her what she wants to eat. He asks whether she will take a bite from everything. He then becomes Adithya and asks her how did she find the restaurant.

Adithya says like her and tells her that he wanys to start his life wuth her. He says that hr wants his day to start with her. Imlie says that it would hsve been easy if their past wouldn’t have an effect on her but the truth is it has already crossed the line. She says that he doesn’t trust her. Adithya says that it’s not that. Imlie disagrees. He asks her to say what she wants to say. Imlie says that she wants to say that Malini intentionally doesn’t take care of herself and her baby. Adithya says even he asked her to take care but he doesn’t understand whether it’s her insecurity. Adithya says that his mother told him that no mother will hurt her baby.

Imlie 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Imlie stands and says that she will bring the proof now and leaves from there. Rupali asks Malini to come out of the room. Imlie asks her whether she didn’t go. Rupali says that she is wearing her sandal from half an hour. Imlie turn pretends like her mother and calls her. Malini opens the door. She says that she knows about her drama. Imlie says let’s go ro the doctor. Malini says not to pretend like sye cares. Imlie asks her to think about her baby. Malini saya first she wants to become a wife then a mother. She says she wants Adithya and she will get him. Imlie says that now she will protect her baby with her life and will take care of baby and give love. She says the baby will get mother’s love and care from her and leaves from there.

Adithya tells Imlie that he feels her anger is right. He says that he is a good reporter but is not able to take care of the house. He says he is not able to understand and leaves from there. Imlie thibks that on one side Adithya in pain and on the other side Malini careless about baby. Imlie thibks that she should do something.

Adithya asks Aparna for food. She gibes him steam food. Adithya asks to make good for him. He asks her to pack food for Imlie as well. He leaves from there. Imlie thinks what he is thinking. Imlie is passing by Malini’s room where she sees her tired. Malini says that she is feeling tired but then she doesn’t want to stay and wants to go with Adithya. Imlie thinks that she won’t change and she has to do something to make Malini rest. The Screen Freezes On Imlie.


Imlie says Pampara to which Adithya says it’s Pamper. She asks him to notice the feeling, she sats that today it’s holiday for all of the women in the house. She tells him that every guest has left and now it’s him who should leave. Adithya asks her to say Pamper right first. She says Good Bye to which Rupali says bye bye and Adithya leaves from there.

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