Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Doctor Gupta asks Gehna that when she saw Anant. She asks him that why he is asking weird question and tells him to leave from there. He asks her to calm down. Jamuna asks Gehna to cooperate with him. He tells Gehna that hallucinations happens and asks her to accept that Anant is no more. She starts screaming and tells him that Anant is alive. He suggests Desai’s to admit Gehna in the hosptial because her condition may get worsen. Gehna tells them that she really saw Anant and asks Radhika to tell everyone about that even the latter saw Anant. Radhika tells her that she also want to say that Anant is alive but that’s not the truth. Gehna asks her that why the latter lying.

Doctor Gupta tells Desai’s that Gehna getting hyper and she needs treatment immediately. Gehna asks Radhika to tell everyone that the latter also saw Anant. Doctor Gupta informs Desai’s that tomorrow Doctor Siddarth joining so he will treat Gehna. Kanak praises Doctor Gupta in her mind. Praful refuses to admit Gehna in the hosptial.

After some time, Kanak and Radhika meets and smiles at each other. Radhika tells her that Desai’s are afraid now and their plan actually working. She says to her that Anant died because of Gehna so she won’t leave her. Gehna talks to Anant’s picture and tells him that everyone saying that she is hallucinating but she is sure that she saw him and even Radhika saw him but lying. She asks him to come in front of everyone to prove that she is right.

Next day, Jamuna realises that Gehna is not in the house and she informs about it to others. Krishna tells them that his bike is missing too. Gehna thinks that now this bike will lead her to Anant and she meets with an accident. She sees Anant before losing her consciousness.

Gehna regains her consciousness. Jamuna asks her that why the latter drived like that and what if something happens to her. Gehna tells her that she is totally fine and Anant saved her and for that only she took this risk. Radhika murmurs to Kanak that they need not to do much now because Gehna’s behaviour proving that she is becoming mad.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Praful tells Gehna that no one came to save her. Kanak tells them that Gehna need treatment. Hema asks them that what society will say if they admits Gehna in mental hosptial. Krishna tells them that Gehna just needs treatment. Kanak informs them that she talked to Doctor Gupta already. Ward boys comes comes there and takes Gehna to mental hosptial. Kanak and Radhika smiles seeing that. Kanak tells Radhika that now Gehna won’t return from hospital.

Gehna asks Doctor to untie and she need to go to house. Doctor Gupta thinks that he knows that she is fine and asks Nurse to get ready to give shock treatment to Gehna. Gehna thinks that now Anant should come to save her. And someone enters the hospital.

Precap –:

Anant’s lookalike introduces himself as Doctor Siddarth to Gehna.

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